Can’t verify Bohemia wallet through i2p link I got off tortaxi. Is there another pgp key?

I’m a little confused, I never had a problem with this i2p site until now. I also am having trouble verifying the wallet through the private link I was given. I’ve been using the pgp key from the login page, I just wanted to know if there was another pgp key, or if this could … Read more

I’m thinking of participating in onionshare mobile. Thoughts?

I read today that onionshare mobile is in beta. I think it’s a cool idea and want to participate. Maybe help make it better. Any thought? Warnings? Do’s and do nots? This may be obvious but I feel I must express I am not interested in illegal activities. I just like reading, exploring and learning. … Read more

Last year, many media/news reports said El Salvador was gonna default on their $800m sovereign debt because they adopted Bitcoin. Well, El Salvador just paid all of it back… and the same media now refuses to cover it.

Last year, every news paper and media house had people convinced that El Salvador is going to default on their sovereign debt, it was only a matter of time. Rating agencies cut El Salvador’s ratings, these media houses put out timely reminders that El Salvador was bankrupt. [NYT: Bitcoin moved the nation close to default]( … Read more

My 2022 LUNA loss was a welcome offset to my US Income tax this year

My second year filing the schedule D 1040 and 8949 turned out better than expected. If you have paid the 39 bucks to download your Ledger and exchange transactions to fill in the (Kxxnly) forms, (and) if you did a lot of swapping/trading, you probably have to manually review and edit the transactions in the … Read more