If I made a deposit to an i2p site while it was listed as offline, will my deposit be visible when the site comes back online? I am confident that the site is legitimate, but I did not check if it was up before I visited and made the deposit.

BTC And ETH March Price Analysis

March saw a significant increase in the prices of both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). BTC rose from around $50,000 to a peak of nearly $60,000, while ETH rose from around $1,500 to a peak of nearly $2,000. Both cryptocurrencies experienced a slight pullback in the latter half of the month, but overall, the month … Read more

Big tech companies are selling their Silicon Valley campuses amid struggle


Major tech firms are offloading their Silicon Valley properties as they grapple with financial difficulties. These companies are divesting their campuses in the area, which have become symbols of the tech industry’s success. The move is seen as a sign of the changing times, as the tech sector faces a period of uncertainty. #Big #tech … Read more