India plans action against Google after antitrust breaches

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India is taking steps to address alleged antitrust violations by Google. The country’s Competition Commission has launched an investigation into the tech giant’s practices, with the aim of determining whether it has abused its dominant market position. The Commission is also looking into whether Google has unfairly restricted competition in the digital marketplace. If found … Read more

are there any dark web sites anywhere?

The dark web is a mysterious and often misunderstood part of the internet. It is a place where users can access websites and services that are not indexed by search engines, and it is often associated with illegal activities. The dark web is made up of websites that are not accessible through traditional web browsers. … Read more

Upping dxm dose question

The question of whether or not to increase the dose of dextromethorphan (DXM) is a complex one that should be discussed with a doctor or healthcare professional. DXM is a cough suppressant that is found in many over-the-counter cold and cough medications. It is also used recreationally as a recreational drug, and in high doses … Read more

Has anybody pursued Chemistry/Pharmaceutical/Biomedical Science etc. in college/professionally, in part or in whole due to enjoying drugs?

The idea of pursuing a career in Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, or Biomedical Science due to an enjoyment of drugs is a complex one. On the one hand, it is possible that someone may be drawn to these fields due to an interest in the science behind the drugs they enjoy. On the other hand, it is … Read more

Netflix password-sharing crackdown rolls out in the U.S.

Netflix has implemented a new policy in the United States to prevent password-sharing. The new measure is designed to stop users from sharing their login credentials with others, allowing them to access the streaming service without paying for their own subscription. The crackdown is expected to have a significant impact on the number of people … Read more

Prozac and cannabis ?

Prozac and cannabis are two substances that have been used for different purposes for many years. Prozac is a prescription antidepressant medication that is used to treat depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. Cannabis, on the other hand, is a plant-based substance that is used for recreational and medicinal purposes. The combination of Prozac … Read more

Will I have withdrawls from 2 weeks of methadone ? Missed my first dose today

If you have been taking methadone for two weeks and have missed your first dose today, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can vary from person to person, but may include nausea, vomiting, sweating, chills, muscle aches, insomnia, and anxiety. It is important to talk to your doctor about your missed dose and any … Read more