5 Hype coins from last bullrun that are now practically buried and dead.

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Never even heard of #5. I guess it didn’t even get enough hype to be pumped here in the sub


You didn’t mention ICP!


I remember how much One was hyped and shilled here during last run . Remember Algo was on the same boat of hype then .


Harmony was one of my favorites. I wish I had sold..

I remember myself DCAing for months into harmony.

I stopped smoking, I played crypto games and converted everything to ONE, profits from other coins went to ONE and I was so proud when I was finally staking 10k of it.

That was a hard hit, but lesson is learned hopefully.


wow OP, way to ruin my sat night (holding ONE)


This post is practically my PTSD 💀


Have to say GRT.


Man I remember Harmony and still hurts


These were hyped here a lot. Good thing I stuck to vet and link…. Who also crashed hard 🙁


ONE was heavily shilled in this sub – “ONE to $1” now sounds the same as “Hey, hey, hey” from bitconnect


Lost a lot in Harmony One 😢


Harmony **DONE**

Honestly, just avoid an alt if it’s well liked around here.




I got to experience Terra Luna and Harmony One`s issues but luckily didn’t lose to much.

Some learnings to take note of and keep in mind for the future


STEPN could have changed the p2e narrative if they succeeded, too bad they fumbled the bag w that China ban


I basically went all in on one but dumped right below my average cost when everything started crashing so I didn’t lose too much….. thank god for paper hands. Lol…. But damn that one was a bummer. 😞


Is Steph that one that was being advertised on the walls in NYC underground’s to get paid to walk? I thought that was the coolest thing ever at the time


I only knew 3 of these 5.

I’d never even heard of STEPN and Numeraire.


Jesus i remember the terra Luna one. I had never heard of it until the fiasco, so I bought some as it was crashing hard just for the laugh (about £50 worth)

Then what I had bought went up to £320 in 5 mins, I, a complete noob when it came to crypto was amazed and confused as I didn’t know what was going on and why my terra stack had suddenly risen this much.

I thought I shall go to bed (this was 3am at the time) and see what happens in the morning. I woke up in the morning and it was worth a total £1 at most. I was like ah well it was only a laugh. Then later it went up to £90 total value and I quickly sold. To a complete noob at the time it was kinda fun (albeit it wouldn’t of been as fun, or probably terrifying if I had put a large amount in)

So I can’t imagine how people who had their life saving feel 🙁


Luna got some nice zeros, but with the comma in the wrong direction.


ONE hurts

90% down and basically zero chance of recovery. Hoping something idiotic happens during the next bull run to sell.

STEPN going down isn’t a surprise at all. It’s a ponzi scheme, literally.


The Luna section of the OP isn’t very accurate. It didn’t offer 20% yield on Anchor, that was UST not Luna. It was also UST that caused the demise of Luna due to the way the two were linked via the minting process and resulting seigniorage. UST was attacked and Luna was the inevitable casualty, and there’s strong evidence pointing towards the FTX gang being involved.

UST is a $1 “stable” coin currently trading for just over a cent.


Safemoon immediately came to mind after I read the title.


Terra is in the Top 100.. aint dead somehow (lunc)


So many great ideas, but just like great musicians, it’s takes more then talent to make it in this industry


I almost got in on STEPN. Glad I didn’t


Checks wallet… phew I did not have any of those


Lesson learned from the harmony one. Still hurts when I think about it.


I can’t wait for the next bull run so we can see if the new hypes will be the same as the old




Harmony also decided to inflate,AKA issue more layer 1 tokens, their way out of the DeFi hack and that ended up being like sending a wrecking ball through their ecosystem. Hopefully future projects will remember Harmony when the landmine that is their EVM DeFi project/chain gets hacked.




At the time I bought Harmony One, I was spreading so thin between so many projects, I didn’t lose too much but I’d lie if I said it didn’t still hurt a bit. I still have the stash but don’t even look at it anymore.


Oh yea, I still remember how Harmony $ONE is being shilled here a lot but after the $100 million hack, I know that was the nail in the coffin


Some of these head major hype behind them! I remember buying into Harmony One big time…


Jasmy is one that I still don’t know if it’s a scam. I washed my face on that one, but seen it’s now worth a third of a penny from a price in the pounds. It’s meant to be the Japanese Bitcoin, but there’s just endless arguments over how many coins there are, very vague and poorly translated articles that make little sense…and a die hard following that keep saying to buy the dip!


My butt still hurts from ONE and LUNA. Im always gonna do the opposite of whats shrilled in the sub. I was fantastic as losing the past 2 years.


Ponzis, scams and exploits, oh my


Oh man LUNA still gives me nightmares


Interestingly, Tse, the founder of Harmony One is still going. I still wouldn’t touch it but kudos to him. Now his investing in .one domains -_-;

Anyway, I think there are worse coins than ONE out there. Like ICP.


What about LRC? Not dead, but not alive.


Phew, ALGO wasn’t listed. NMR was even featured on coinbase as a learn and earn. How hard it has fallen.


Never owned any of those. 🤷🏼‍♂️


They had their 5 minutes of fame and reality took them where they really need to be.


If I’ve learned anything is jumping on the hype train before take off is like buying a lottery ticket. Good fucking luck. None of these projects ever sustain. There will likely never be another Bitcoin or ETH…so make sure to take your damn profits, people.


they went to the land of misfit coins


Numeraire was just a data scientist competition not necessarily a coin one would buy… I know because I used to compete wouldn’t really make sense for someone to invest in that coin the high earners would just swap the NMR anyways…




Dang I kinda forgot about Harmony One, it’s unfortunate what happened.


These coins created history.

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