…and some people wonder “why bitcoin”…here is one answer

Many people are curious about why they should use Bitcoin. Here is one possible explanation: Bitcoin offers a secure, decentralized, and global form of payment that is not controlled by any government or financial institution. This makes it an attractive option for those who want to make transactions without having to worry about their data being tracked or their money being subject to manipulation.

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*The banking system is so solid, that we have to prop it up.*



How are they guarantee no losses of funds for those who bank with SVB and also saying that the cost associated with this won’t be borne by tax payer? I guess who is bearing the cost?


“Any losses to the Deposit Insurance Fund to support uninsured depositors will be recovered by a special assessment on banks, as required by law.”

Who do you think the banks will pass this special assessment onto in one way or another?


Privatized the profits, socialized the losses.


“Not costing the tax payers” means the Fed printing more money and causing more inflation.


This should be added to a bitcoin block!


Ok wait so ppl with accts we’re screwed over by SVB, they will get all their money after the weekend. And I’m still waiting to get some low ass % of my voyager funds…



So, everytime someone looses another one wins. I wonder how many shareholder of SVB won because they invested also on the other side of the transaction. Now the bailout comes and the win on both sides.


“It’s not a bailout”…. It’s a bailout


This is about as futile as making the geocentric model of the universe make sense.

It’s literally the little boy sticking his finger in the dike.


Who is paying? If not the taxpayers..


They now, world is watching. Banks cannot do the same as ftx, so they will step in to see that money gets delivered. At what cost tho…


They didnt tell you that the head of risk management was a diversity hire that didn’t do her job for 9 months while all the silicon valley companies were doing mass layoffs


Be your own bank.


“Remains resilient?????!!!!!” – the fuck kinda crack you smoking. The very existence of the whole letter is to the contrary of that statement. Fix your shit!


I knew she was lying last week. All of them fucking liars




They are positioning to look more in control than they actually are. The money printer button always gets pushed, just a matter of time.


meanwhile this government has sent how many billions to Ukraine and many other countries? Blows my mind


OK so if I’m understanding correctly, the FDIC’s DIF is going to bail out the bank to save the customers and all other FDIC insured institutions (banks, etc) will have to pay a fee **based on their risk profile** to cover the **losses to DIF. So if FDIC insured institutions are footing the bill for this financial travesty, and you are their customer – bingo! You guessed it, they are currently making new bags for you to hold!**


This is actually not the argument for bitcoin you are hoping it is. Bank has more assets than deposits owed. Regulators are stepping in to contain risk.


It will be paid by everyone holding a bank account. Because it is paid by this fund funded with banks’ premiums, that they will simply end up passing on to clients.

But for politicians it looks good to say ‘don’t worry as taxpayer’.


Fuck. svb went belly up… what the fuck are we going to do, alot of people just lost everything. Given we live in a capitalistic society, I think we should let it take its course… PRINT ALL LOST MONEY AND GIVE IT BACK TO THEM… wait but won’t that take from everyone else who owns USD and devalue their money? TF, can someone throw this bloke out a window, he’s making us look bad


This is a moment in history. This is literally a perma blanket bail in deal to cover funny money problems and maintain that confidence in USD ‘no matter what.

If this flag doesn’t hit ya in head, not much will.


*”The U.S. banking system remains resilient and on a solid foundation”*



How does the government make depositors whole without burdening the taxpayers?


Bail outs and money printer go brrrr


the decisions are actually good… the small startups who had payroll with svb will get to continue to run.

the svb collapse happened due to fast interest increase and a but of mismanagement. at the end of the day the gov printed to much, then inflation was to high, then increased rates… all of this would have happened in 10 years in the past, now it happened in 2…


Subtitle of the release should have been, “or Why You Should Bitcoin”


Canada: STOLEN – dividends/UNSETTLED


their USELESS/WORTHLESS website is NOT working since 2010 !

BOC employees names? [REFUSED to provide] they-debtors told me that, they DO NOT KNOW what is A NOTICE OF REDEMPTION or DEBT Instrument?



Fiat is wrong.


please bail us out



canada – debt instrument:



bitcoin here to stay but will fail miserably. Absolutely nightmare to cash it out!!! nightmare to move it around. almost lost all of them on the bankruptcy exchanges. market and tech always changing very unpredictable, unhinged. scams are always evolving and getting scarier like a super virus. even when you successfully sell it and transfer it to your bank account, the government will take a big wet %25-%35 bite out of it. worst investment!! having the worst time of my life. i dont even know how to get out. 😕 million dollars btc!? forget it!! it will reach $100k+ in 2025 and it will fall back to $20k-$40k and another fucking 4 years soooo fucking exhausting



please bail us out


And or PMs..


So what’s the problem


If a business goes under, but somehow the doors remain open, then that’s a bailout. If my business went bankrupt, the doors would close.

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