Anybody else have small Bitcoin goals?


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1 Eth for me


That’s not small. I don’t think most people here have 0.2 BTC. My long goal is 1 BTC for each child I have. I’m here from 2017. Working on that goal.

Don’t buy shit coins.
Don’t leave BTC on exchange.
DCA money you won’t need in the next 10 years.


32 eth and 1 btc is my immediate goal.

70% of the way there now


“Transferring like 5000 BTC to exchanges (…)”

Only big companies, exchanges, whales or filthy rich people have amounts like this …

Don’t compare yourself to that 🙂 Your goal is 1 BTC and that’s a wonderful goal mate 💪


I don’t want to day dream. I know I can’t afford to buy one full Bitcoin. I’m just buying fractions of it, likewise ETH


After quitting cigarettes, my goal is to spend the money I would have spent on cigarettes, on BTC instead. That money would have literally gone up in smoke, so it’s the very definition of money I could afford to lose.

DCA every week regardless of price.


Already in the million club for XMR, working towards 1 BTC too. If it drops down to $15k again I’ll be able to achieve it


I just want a small villa in italy


1 Whole Bitcoin is not a small goal, it means u are a future millionaire.


I really would not pause investing in your Roth IRA especially if there’s any employer matching. It’s tax advantaged, you really should be taking full advantage of it.

I think bitcoins great too but you don’t need all your eggs in one basket, especially when the other basket is literally designed to give you a leg up for retirement


1 BTC is the dream, I’m barely progressing towards 0.1 right now


My goal set every month I’ll be buying 20$ worth of bitcoin, or accumulate and every 5 month I can buy 100$ at one go


my moons my goals


My current goal is;

(1 Bitcoin, 5 ETH, 10,000 ADA)

I won’t say exactly how far along I am with the progress, but I will say I had to stop DCA like 10 months ago when my second child was born. I hope to start up again soon.

(Oh, and 1000 moons, I like round numbers)


Yeah being a whole coiner was always my goal, but it doesn’t stop there 😂




The goal is 1 BTC


Nobody on this sub is moving around 5000 Bitcoin. Just keep stacking what you can!


> Sometimes it’s disheartening to hear about people who are transferring like 5000 bitcoin to exchanges and stuff all the time

For what it’s worth, this is not the average person at all. Those are whales and there’s no point in comparing yourself to that. I also would like to be whole coiner but for my sanity I focus more on getting to .5


At least you weren’t around when btc was much cheaper. I wish I wasn’t so into friggin alts in the last bear market. I was damn near 100% xrp when btc was $3k. XRP is barely double now and we all know where BTC is now.


You should not pause your Roth IRA ever. Contribute towards both and stay diversified enough to keep yourself afloat not matter what.




Bitcoin [pros](/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/13sgvkx/anybody_else_have_small_bitcoin_goals/jlpv0wn/) & [cons](/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/13sgvkx/anybody_else_have_small_bitcoin_goals/jlpv1k8/) with related info are in the collapsed comments below.


my only goal is improving my financial situation, i dont think i’ll ever be able to have a full bitcoin unless a whale messes up typing an address and accidentally sends one to me


That’s a big goal. I’m doing the same though. Not sure if I’ll ever get that whole coin but I’ll keep trying.


Michael Saylor 🙃


Maybe just make sure you’ve maxed your Roth for the year eventually this year


We have the same goal


Well, sort of yes… I was lucky enough to get into BTC in 2013 due to Chinese buyers paying for stock and services in BTC, and thanks to blockchain backer I was able to sell it all for around 66-67k and my average buy back price is around 19.4K now… but I do DCA for my 7 year old..

I take money monthly from my business and buy some BTC for her and store it, I will keep doing this until she’s around 21… but as I said, because I have BTC myself from years ago, I love investing in Alts, it’s just so much more fun and the gains are considerably better.


Everyone’s got their own journey. For someone, it’s 1 BTC and for others, it’s 1000. Keep at your own pace.


Currently working on my shorter BTC goal but hopeful to be a whole coiner one day


I want to own 1 bitcoin. Planning to save till I won 1 bitcoin in at least 5 years.


Now I need to comment. I have seen this post multiple times. My brain keeps want to read it as “Bitcoin goats” I’m like, wtf is a bitcoin goat.


Unfortunately I lost all my sats in a boat accident, but i dca in it only at the moment


1 million Moons: be a moonllionaire.
> It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.
# 🚜🌕


Just a little bit more every week. That’s my goal.


My goal was 10 BTC at some point, but they ran off at that point.

At some point I know I would have been able to buy 6-7 of them (in recent relevant times where I legit knew how to).

My current FI/RE goal needs a lot of luck to happen before I hit retirement anyway, but that is around 50 BTC (before 2039).


I’m slowly working towards 0.05 my friend :/


I’d love to acquire a full BTC. I’d be oh so happy


I think most people best understand two-digit and three-digit numbers.

Americans measure a person’s weight in pounds, which is usually going to be a three-digit number. People who use the metric system *should* measure weight in grams but usually re-scale to kilograms. We understand what 70 kg might be, but have a hard time with 70,000 grams.

A bottle of water is measured in ounces (two digit number) in America. Most of the world will re-scale the liter into milliliters so that a bottle of water is a three-digit number.

When people say that 1 Bitcoin is worth $26,000 I have a hard time understanding how much that is because I’m not familiar with $26,000.

If you re-scale Bitcoins to milli-Bitcoins, then I get it when people say that 1 mBTC is worth $26. I know what $26 feels like. I know what it feels like to spend $26.

It also makes stacking Bitcoins feel more manageable. It can be disheartening to DCA for weeks or months and still see so many leading zeroes in your BTC total. By counting in terms of mBTC, you can set your goals to 10 mBTC or 25 mBTC. That seems much more achievable.

If 1 BTC is worth $26,000, try telling me how much 0.007 BTC is worth.

If 1 mBTC is worth $26, it’s easier to quickly approximate how much 7 mBTC is worth.

There’s a reason why some hardware wallets allow you to edit your balance to be displayed in terms of mBTC.


You probably never heard of the mantra “only afford what you are willing to lose”


Being a whole coiner is what we should all strive for.


More like automatic payment but yes a dca in a bot who take care of profiting in fluctuation


Just working my way up to a billion safemoon…


Magic coins!!


Bitcoin grows linearly on a log scale. Better hurry!!


That’s not small. I don’t think most people here have 0.2 BTC. My long goal is 1 BTC for each child I have. I’m here from 2017. Working on that goal.

Don’t buy shit coins.
Don’t leave BTC on exchange.
DCA money you won’t need in the next 10 years.




1 BTC isn’t a small amount of money

The good thing about price drops is that it’s “easier” to reach that goal

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