Anyone else not buying this rally?

I’m a long term bull on crypto, but I am skeptical of this recent rally (as far as it holding). Bitcoin has rallied almost 50% in less than a month, in the middle of a crypto winter. I tend to think that I’ve been through enough bull/bear cycles to sense how these things play out. I used to always think “this is it, we’re taking off!” only to watch it fall right back down to where it was before the rally, or even lower. I just don’t see any reason to be bullish between now and the next halving personally. I do see Bitcoin crossing $100k after the next halving at some point in 2024-2025, so I’m not some kind of doomer or a short seller. Just trying to be realistic.

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I wasn’t believing in this rally but now, after seeing how many redditors also don’t believe in it, I start to think that it’s an actually real rally


“I used to think I was right but I was always wrong and now I think I am right again.”


Could go back to $16k. On the other hand, it could find support at $22k. Then again, it could keep going higher. One of those three for sure, unless it drops below $16k.

Someone get me a YouTube channel.


I was buying before the rally, I’m buying now, and I’ll buy afterwards. I agree with you though that this is a bull trap and we’re going to face one more price drop before real recovery sets in. It just doesn’t feel genuine in the macroeconomic look.


“In the middle of a crypto winter”.

Assuming you know we’re in the middle is the first glaring problem.


I’m already overinvested


I feel exactly similar to OP, except that since I’m not buying it – the chances of it taking off are much higher now. 😉


It just didn’t seem logical. Slightly lower rate of inflation but still high inflation and high interests rates. It almost felt like a pump because people want ed it to pump. The global economic situation is still bad and nothing in crypto really warranted such a pump.


I stopped my daily DCA when we went above 20k

Seems a little too much too quick


exactly what someone who missed the boat would say


I don’t understand why people are compelled to buy a rally in the middle of a bear cycle. We have strong conviction right now that this won’t go bull in the near term… let it correct and buy!


This rally is a squeeze, alot of short traders got rekted.


The halving is a totally predictable event, I’m not sure it’s going to generate the instant uplift that everyone seems to be expecting.

Personally I’m just planning to keep buying until BTC hits 35k and then start to DCA out at an appropriate time (maybe 70k ish)


I’m just waiting for BTC to fall back to 17k-19k and then watch ALTs tumble lower than they were before :'(


The price could be $500 or $500,000…

I’m still DCAing weekly


I am skeptical as well thats why I unloaded some alts. Only time will tell if that was a smart move or an idiot move


I am glad this rally happened cause i could finally stop buying more


There seems to be very little retail money going into this pump. I’m holding off until February at least.


Im staying out of the crypto market, because binance printed BUSD out of thin air to artifically pump BTC…

Exchanging BTC with Coinbase and Binance to keep BTC at 24k is suspicious as well…

[]( and Binance halting SEPA /SWIFT Transfers…

I dont know my gut tells me to stay out and view until the dust settles.

And btw as long Tether exists im out anyways, fuck stable coins prints out of nowhere


I always do inverse of what I think. But since I think I should do the inverse of me doing the inverse I end up doing the first thing I was thinking.


I’m a long-term believer as well. But remember every bull market starts with a disbelief.


I’m not. I stornglt believe we have no reason to climb higher. The word is a mess and everytime I go grocery shopping, i refused to believe inflation is coming down, no matter the numbers.

I’ll wait until Feds next meeting to decide what to do.


I bought before the rally. I believe in buying red, not FOMO into green after a 50% pump. We had months to accumulate red.


It resembles 2019 when BTC went from 6k to 14k, and then went down to 4k afterwards.

I’m still DCAing, though.


Why on earth would you buy once the price is up 40% in the month. We had months to buy at 16k-18k


It evolves as does the acceptance of it. No one can predict what it’s going to do next. Businesses, banks and governments are furiously working to not get blindsided. This “work” will send bitcoin to the stars and it may or may not coincide with a halving.


It’s true there’s three kinds of people in this world.

1:The ones that make things happen and don’t back down.

2:The ones that watch things happen and try to justify why they didn’t participate.

3:Then there are the ones that wonder what the hell just happened.


I buy dips, not rallies. I already bought a lot lower than this


Yeaaa nope, I did not learn my lesson. Such is life


This is not the “middle of Crypto Winter”. There are 428 days until the halving. Bitcoin is doing what it does at this time.

It will be much worse to miss these prices, even if it goes down from here, than FOMO in at $30-50k. The amount of room to go down is low. The amount of room to go up is extremely high.


Personally, I’m not stressing over it even a little bit. I’m in the markets. I’ve been in throughout the entire bear cycle. This jump didn’t phase me at all. If it goes back down, I’ll buy more, if it doesn’t, too bad. If you’ve been in the space long enough, you should know damn well by now that trying to catch a falling knife is a great way to get cut. DCA in, DCA out, sleep well at night.


It will rally if you don’t buy, and find a new low if you will. Choose wisely


Im telling you, its going up because im not buying. As soon as I do, its gonna crash back. Works 90% of the time

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