Are those in power going to give it up without a fight?

Do I stand alone in feeling apprehensive about the plans of the so-called elites to regain control of the current financial system? I worry that they may use a shocking event, such as a war or a natural disaster, to divert attention away from Bitcoin and keep the public from embracing it.

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What makes you think they need to “regain control of the current monetary system?”

They’ve had full control since 1913. Central banks are more powerful than ever.


you are not alone.


distract? no. war makes bitcoin more useful and important, not less.

every govt is now in a war against its own citizens. war is now permanent and universal. bitcoin is a tool for dealing with that fact. guns are another. 3dprinting ftw.


Maybe im to dumb to understand you folks but if i cant buy sh*t with btc i dont know why the masses would adopt btc. I mean i like the idea of goverments etc cant control money as the next man but i really dont see how this would work. TDLR. As long as i cant either buy groceries nor health insurance, gas etc, there will be no mass adaption.


Yeah anyone with a brain is trying to get ahold of NO kyc Bitcoin that the government doesn’t know about.


Of course they will try constantly but half the time the shit back fires and all the momentum boosts BTC. Most likely the CIA or NSA invented BTC and are now pretending to hate it so the masses will see it as a genuine revolution (which it is). They like BTC. It’s a surveillance coin ultimately. Lots of people still want to acquire more before it explodes into infinity.


With bitcoin, there is noone to fight. They have already lost.

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