Are we in for a bullish couple of months?

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Banks won’t fail. Jpow just made sure of that. Opened up their backstop *cough* bailout. And loosened the borrow desk. Shot up 150 billion fed loans this week. I believe he did that so he can shore up the banks and hammer rates to try and tackle inflation. Banks now have enough liquidity for whatever is to come, and he can focus on the job at hand.

Interesting times ahead. Whatever it is, I don’t think it ends well. Might be living in times they’ll be teaching in finance courses years to come.


BTC again 5% up today. It feels still weird and wrong after the horrible year 2022.


Rent is high, mortgage rates are high, and credit card debt is at an all time high.. we are gonna crash sooner or later


I’m.not expecting it.

I’m still feeling a dump is incoming.

No facts or figures behind that, just a feeling


Itll be interesting to see where JPows priorities are, but the banks just basically helped him do his job. We’ve now hit the point of a major credit crunch, and borrowing rates are going to get even worse.

The worst part is its kind of a lose-lose. Rate hikes = pushing banks closer to failure, pause/cut = alarm raised over at the Fed and they basically admit we’re fucked which spooks further.


I just keep buying


I think we will have to wait for the halving


Just a reminder, do not hesitate to take profits.


I’m feeling 2007 vibes also. We talked for a year about how a crash was coming, yet acted surprised when it got here


If I am not mistaken, a majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. With banks going down, organizations with money in those banks will have to do massive layoffs. People with families to support need cash as crypto is still in an unusable state. How in the world will people find the disposable income to invest in crypto when more banks fail?


I don’t trust any upward move to be consistent untill we get a better macroeconomic environment


If I’m pretending that any of us know, I think it’s unlikely to see too much of an extended rise with rate hikes still looming.


I like hopium as much as the next degen. But another 75 bps definitely means the rotten arsehole of crypto falls right out of its body.


Only thing that is certain is the charts will move to the right


Bullish or bearish is a state of mind, not a market condition. I am bullish for the foreseeable future.


I think so


The world’s economic macro outlook is absolutely F-ed. But gov is committed to destroying the dollar so maybe. Nobody knows. But if gov wasn’t on cocaine, the answer would be……


Only time will tell, but hopefully yes, I need this xd


There has to be a decent leg up at some point this year just so everyone can say the halving is already priced in.



I’m just accumulating as much as I can. I’m the type to try to wait and pinch a bit more btc or Eth even if it’s only .001 difference.


We’re only bullish when Fed is done raising rates


Hope we are in for some better accumulation prices rest of the year. If we slowly head up to 30-40k then that wouldn’t be beneficial for accumulation prior to the bull in my opinion


Not after new lows first


Price will go up in short term. Watch 28k closely, this is a huge hurdle. I personally think we break through, then 32k is next huge resistance. 36-38k is possible but I don’t think we make it. No chance it breaks 40k, literally 0. I think this is where the bear rally tops out and we get one last extinction level dump before the real bull market starts next year. I think we pump through spring, then crab / bleed a little through summer, then absolutely shit the bed through fall. See you guys there.


Everything is green today, I haven’t seen that in a while. Good sign, but just a sign at the end of the day


I’m into a combo of 1 and 2 and nobody knows shit about fuck.

Rates hiked to quash inflation. More regional bank fail but Fed saves all depositors, prints more money. Only biggest banks survive. Interest rates high, lending slows especially for start ups. Long-term recession really starts.

Crypto starting to be seen as a safe, but volatile, haven for whales and offers leverage opportunities. We pump (already happening).

Meanwhile, especially for retail, inflation will eat away the value of any income they get from jobs, if they still have one. Debt will rise, savings decline. Most will worry about day-to-day living, than investing.

So, contrary to my take last week, I think the entire crypto market will get a nice turn in the green for at least a few days, weeks, months? A lot depends on if USD remains the worlds reserve currency and USD stable coins can hold their peg. The SEC doesn’t like them, so it might get bad for U.S. customers.


BIG REGULATIONS coming. They’ll try to stop BTC

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