Banks are starting to limit how much of your own money you can send to bitcoin exchanges because they are trying to prevent a digital bank run!

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Don’t put more money into a bank than you can afford to lose!


[Bisq]( is unstoppable

Check out [Robosats]( and [Peach](

[P2P markets]( and [P2P e-commerce]( are coming to Nostr

It’s time to ditch CEXes and go P2P, as it always should have been. Let’s fucking go!


Well said.

Fiat in a bank or an exchange is not your money.

Bitcoin on an exchange is not your bitcoin.

Only bitcoin in cold storage is your bitcoin.


I’m in Vietnam. I’m 100% btc lol, all exchanges available here have no fee P2P, you can just zelle people money (it has a different name here). It’s great, because the law is so lax about it. I just hope US can progress to this point


Time for people not already using p2p apps like Bisq to learn how to use these as tools to acquire some no KYC sats and have control of their own finances.


The term you’re looking for is capital controls. When the govt institutes capital controls it will be too late to get into crypto, and crypto will be ripping as people try to acquire as much as they can as fast as possible. Slowly, then all at once. It’s going to be something to see.


FYI, this has been a forever thing


Just use decentralized exchanges like Bisq. That way, banks can’t track whether you’re using that money on Bitcoin or not


Btc is going to a million eventually but I’m fearing a bitcoin ban or bad regulation will ruin the next bull market


Ha those assholes are late. All in


Not sure if linked to this case or not but they make my life more difficult by the day now . I used to be able to buy BTC directly using my visas and mastercards and now i can not. I can still wire transfer though.

My bank in greece (Piraeus bank) is not allowing me to use my mastercard to buy BTC. For 2 months i send them inquiries as to why i can’t do that, they still don’t have an answer and i call them every week.

Since friday i can’t buy from another bank (ALPHA bank) using card again, mind you both of those banks are 2 of the major ones here. Right now i use Revolut but i’m starting getting real angry with the situation.

TL/DR i can still do deposits and buy BTC from my banks in Greece but cards aren’t accepted on multitude of trade apps.


I took all mine out of the bank last year hehe.


My bank has been doing that since 2020.


Tough to call bitcoin a Swiss bank when the Swiss banks are failing


If the exchange banks with the same bank I tool the money from there is no run on a bank.
Have you been stopped from buying bitcoin?
I have not noticed any such restrictions.


Withdraw cash buy pre paid credit cards


Experienced this yesterday bro… it’s fucking sickening


LPT: have bitcoin and precious metal accounts established with ACH deposits.

If they deny x amount to be sent to a Bitcoin exchange, you can then buy gold.

Example: I have binance and apmex accounts, and both have well established ability to ACH deposit. Now if my bank limits how much I can deposit to binance, but my need to manage exposure to the bank exists, I send what I need to apmex.


Bank and U.S. are our enemies!


If I send money from my bank account to buy bitcoin from an exchange then the money ends up in the exchange’s bank account, right? So you are not “turning money into bitcoin”. Tthe money you spent on bitcoin still exists.

So I don’t see how buying bitcoin, with fiat, necessarily leads to a run on any one bank. Well, unless most people, who are buying bitcoin, bank at the same bank, which is highly unlikely.


Good story, but tell me one thing: do you remember the last time all the countries in the world agreed on one thing ?

You don’t, bc that never happened (and probably never will).


No bank in America is limiting anyone from transferring their own funds, as it would be illegal for them to do so. The only places that banks can block transfers to are those suspected of being criminal or under government sanctions. So are you saying crypto exchanges now fall under those categories?


Well said.


Any advice on an inexpensive laptop for Bitcoin only activities, such as running nodes and cold storage? I currently do everything from two smartphones including storing on blue wallet. I haven’t had an actual computer in a while. I just want to buy a laptop from costco or Amazon or wherever. Raspberry looks like a bunch of electronic pieces to me so I don’t think I want to do that


Is there ways I can turn my fiat from my job into bitcoin without first depositing it into my bank account to digitize it and then sending it to a CEX?


You are right. However, they could also implement something that limits how much crypto you can get out of exchanges and trade it for dollars as well…


Frontrunning as usual


Yeah, the banks are could actually be pushed into the abyss right now…RIGHT NOW




Yea I deposited just enough from my check to pay bills and buy some btc. Left the rest in cash to use until I get paid again. Next check I’ll do the same. I’m not leaving any money in my bank account. Fuck the banks


I think I am safe in a Ledger stick.

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