Banks To Innovate With Caution On Crypto-Asset-Related Activities – Fed Official

A Federal Reserve official has warned banks to be cautious when innovating with crypto-asset-related activities. The official noted that banks should be aware of the risks associated with these activities, such as money laundering, fraud, and cyber security. He also noted that banks should ensure that they have the necessary systems and controls in place to protect customers and comply with applicable laws and regulations. Banks should also be aware of the potential for rapid price movements and the lack of liquidity in the crypto-asset markets.

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I love this bullshit narrative where they’re trying to blame this all on crypto, funny internet money, when meanwhile it was because government bonds are worthless in the long term, *their* fake money.


Barr said the technology underlying crypto-assets could bring new functionality and efficiencies to the current U.S. payments systems by facilitating faster reconciliation, clearing, and settlement. Barr further said that the technology underlying crypto-assets could help reduce costs for traditional asset transactions and automate others through smart contracts.


The fed have been trying to choke off crypto this year using the banking system.

The only thing they will achieve doing this is pushing innovation outside the borders.


Feds are just fuds


Funny internet money remember! Now you are innovating around it, ironic


They recognize the value of the tech but they will do everything to not have to use a system they cant exploit so openly (yet?).


In August 2022, the Fed published a supervisory guidance letter for banks engaging in or seeking to engage in crypto-related activities


tldr; The Federal Reserve Vice Chair for Supervision Michael Barr has said that banks engaging in or planning to engage in crypto-asset-related activities should take a careful approach. He added that the technology underlying crypto-assets could help reduce costs for traditional asset transactions and automate others through smart contracts. Barr further warned that less developed legal and regulatory frameworks and the general lack of structural protections have resulted in fraud and abuse

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Banks and innovation/caution aren’t natural bedfellows


Some entity did this intentionally. Just the fact that it happened on Friday, with the market to freak out over the weekend is enough to be more than suspicious. I can’t remember the last time there was this much anticipation around the markets opening on Monday.


Yes of course *Crypto bad, but when we do it then gooood* whilst stroking their own… violin. 😏


So more FUD trying to blame SVB on crypto exposure

This is getting comical


So busy “protecting” banks from crypto they don’t have time to protect crypto from banks?…


I can understand fed FUD, it’s their job to promote their product. It’s just getting super annoying when their product is almost as flawed. It’s clear people deserve something better.

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