Best trading strategy advice

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Sounds like some proper degen stuff you are doing. We do DCA here


These things have been said thousand time before: So here is 1001

* Always trade according to trend
* Avoid FOMO
* DCA is Best
* x100 will make you poor
* Always trade according to the trend
* Always sell when everyone is FOMOing and you see some struggle
* Always Buy if everyone is cursing it and you see some accumulation

And if you still end up losing money, Listen to your wife


There is not one strategy that works for everyone as everyone has different incomes, goals, ambitions and time frames dedicated to this space.

Start to DCA BTC and ETH and build a strategy that suits your needs from there.


Best trading strategy advice : “Don’t trade until you know what are you doing.”


I find it stressful enough just buying little and often. Nowhere near brave enough to try and time the market.


Make a plan and stick to that.

Try to minimize emotions affecting your decisions as much as possible.


Short time frame with high leverage


don’t trade, hodl


Just dca and chill man!


The best trading advice is not to trade.


Just like any day trader, aka gambler, you will eventually see that you cannot beat the market. I just hope you don’t lose much money before you realise it.

DCA is easier and more effective.


chances are you are better with DCA than trading. you can also gain more in holding your bags than trading.


Totally agreed.


For non-professionals, I think that the DCA especially in the bear market is one of the best strategies


Have a long term plan and stick to it, avoid FOMO, even though it’s hard


I made some good fortune on leveraging shitcoins but I put all my profits to BTC also it’s really stressful even when you make money,so I for one,am not gonna do it again


>Recently, I decided to try day trading in this mini bull run and made
some bucks which have now ignited the spirit that led me to crypto, but I
am curious about the best strategy to employ.

You will lose your profits the next time. Best strategy is to stop doing that. It’s not about professionals, it’s about people who have insider knowledge or can control the markets. We’re not them.


>Best strategy

There isn’t one sole best strategy working for all, all the time, consistently, maximizing gains AND eliminating loses.

This is up to you to start trying things, educating yourself around constantly, doing mistakes probably (but thankfully not dire ones), evaluating those strategies you previously tried, etc.


I’ve learned that trying to time the market is way out of my reach, so I just DCA HODL.


Best strategy DCA and HODL




Best trading advice : dont trade


Daytrading in overall is a really stressful, time consuming thing to do with relatively low chance of success. You literally force yourself to make profit each day which is just as impossible as it sounds. Like 100/98 people fail in half a year. A bit better strategy is to allocate your savings in a 80-20 ratio where 80% is long term, the rest is for trading to get some experience.
So even if you fuck up, you still have your long term investment. If you manage to get lucky with trading, add your profits to your overall long term amount, and don’t forget to realize some real money as well.

Also never invest money you can’t afford to lose obviously. I’d suggest you to go for swing trading instead, so you don’t have to look on charts 70 times a day.

Yeah and do not touch leverage trading if you have zero experience/have some minor sanity. That’s a great way to zero yourself in a short time especially in these fucked up days.


can the word “advice” be used in this sub? 😶


Trading futures is straight up gambling. What most people including myself do is buy BTC, ETH, and other solid altcoins and hold them. In some cases where staking is available and the rewards good, I stake like I’m currently staking ATOM and OCEAN to earn more rewards while holding.


Keep day trading, lose it all, curse crypto and quit. Come back and buy back in at all ATH. Rinse and repeat.


There is no special sauce in trading. The only 2 things that will help you are mental fortitude and experience.

Everything else can be simply learnt online.

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