Big Tech is making its stuff slower and stupider — on purpose

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This article is *so repetitive.*


This is a predictable result of tech monopolies that has already been given a helpful name:



From the brilliantly written article which I challenge anyone to dispute

Google users have developed one very specific complaint about the ubiquitous search engine: They can’t find any answers. A simple search for “best pc for gaming” leads to a page dominated by sponsored links rather than helpful advice on which computer to buy. Meanwhile, the actual results are chock-full of low-quality, search-engine-optimized affiliate content designed to generate money for the publisher rather than provide high-quality answers. As a result, users have resorted to work-arounds and hacks to try and find useful information among the ads and low-quality chum. In short, Google’s flagship service now sucks.

And Google isn’t the only tech giant with a slowly deteriorating core product. Facebook, a website ostensibly for finding and connecting with your friends, constantly floods users’ feeds with sponsored (or “recommended”) content, and seems to bury the things people want to see under what Facebook decides is relevant. And as journalist John Herrman wrote earlier this year, the “junkification of Amazon” has made it nearly impossible for users to find a high-quality product they want — instead diverting people to ad-riddled result pages filled with low-quality products from sellers who know how to game the system.


There’s a lot of dots being connected in this article without reason or proof. The author is simply throwing supposition at the reader and hoping they don’t notice there’s not much to back it up.


I remember when the Alta Vista web browser used to be trim and show the best result in the the first few, then it became bloated with ads, then you had to go to page 10 to see a useful result. Google started like Alta Vista started, refreshing, but now you too frequently have to go to page 10 to find what you want.


A generous take on a series of bad decisions by CEOs at all these companies. Stop giving these people more credit by saying things like “on purpose” and “to appease investors.” These corporations are out of touch and made huge amounts of risky investments that didn’t pan out. They deserve to fail.


Yep, not to mention ads on YouTube getting increasingly longer and UNSKIPPABLE. 🤬


Ironically, I clicked on the link and was prompted to download the app, wait a second or two for some nonessential api call on the popup to load, close some other popup that I’ve already forgotten the content of, and then i could finally read the article, which seemed to be written more for SEO than ease of reading.


The article may be repetitive, but poor writing shouldn’t obscure the fact being reported. Which is 100 % true by the way.


By “its stuff” do they mean people? If so, I concur


Yah, we’re aware


This article makes no sense.


>A simple search for “best pc for gaming” leads to a page dominated by sponsored links rather than helpful advice on which computer to buy.

If this is how you open then I’m not going to bother to read the rest.

The ads might not seem helpful, but the query is braindead. If you seriously type this into Google then you don’t know what you’re asking for. You’re actually better off going with one of those mass-market gaming PCs that are being advertised.

If you actually want to know the right answer to this question, you don’t ask Google to recommend a PC. You look at the games you want to play and the hardware they recommend. Then you can decide which prebuilt system is right for you or if you want to build your own.

The sponsored links, like it or not, are probably the most frustration free direction to take for someone making that braindead query.


There’s actually one bit of tech that’s “relatively” simple that’s currently being hidden from public use because it would diminish big tech profits from monetizing users at scale. The founders aren’t obscenely wealthy, from what I remember they weren’t even close to being millionaires let alone billionaires, but they got threats and went into obscurity to let the heat die down from the big tech companies and investors. It would be quite a radical phase in tech that actually benefits humanity by raising the floor for billions instead increasing the ceilings of folks who already have 50ft ceilings. Imagine if lies, bad ideas and money weren’t such pervasive motivators for innovation and building. Anyway – thanks for sharing.


Digital advertising is murdering the Internet


Who is “bIG tECH” and how do I personally let them know how I feel about this clickbait title?


crap article with some facts mentioned

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