Bill Gates Doesn’t Think Web3 is a Big Deal – Decrypt

Bill Gates Doesn’t Think Web3 is a Big Deal – Decrypt

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making an article of an AMA response, how low


Web3 isn’t a big deal still, we haven’t built anything significant, im sure it will be significant in the future but I can’t blame him for seeing it that way right now.


tldr; Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates has said that AI is the most exciting field for technological innovation today. “AI is the big one. I don’t think Web3 was that big or that metaverse stuff alone was revolutionary but AI is quite revolutionary,” he added. “Thinking of it in the Gates Foundation context we want to have tutors that help kids learn math and stay interested,” he said.

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The only funny thing about this is the comedy flair. Anyone who thinks web3 is a big deal at this point is completely kidding themselves. Nothing of significance has been created. Nothing that is going to make a noticeable impact on a significant number of people.

Will it in the future? Maybe. But his feelings on it right now are definitely justifiable.


Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates doesn’t seem convinced of the importance of Web3 and the metaverse, saying that the technology is not “revolutionary”.

He ain’t wrong.


Why/how do you guys think web3 would be a big deal?


So far he isn’t wrong


As Web3 has not built anything of real value yet, then it’s fair for him to believe it’s not a big deal. This is an opinion shared by most people who are aware of what Web3 is, including many within the crypto-sphere.

*Could* it be a big deal one day? Possibly. But so far, the vast majority of what Web3 has produced is junk. We simply do not have any ‘Wow’ Web3 sites or apps out there yet that could appeal to the mainstream.


Always funny to see so many people bashing Bill Gates. Yeah, I’m also no Microsoft fan with all these updates all the time and things not working as they should be. But the man has accomplished quite some things.

And his charity work alone, the money he puts in there, should make we respect him a little more.


By all means at this point in time it absolutely isn’t a big deal. For the time being it’s Big Data and the resulting training capabilities for AI.


Web 3.0 is just a stupid fashion word. Like metaverse and all that shit. I had the real metaverse experience when i was 12 it was called world of warcraft. None of these ideas are new, these words are used to scam clueless people that are trying to make quick money in this industry.


“I mean it’s alright, like overrated as fuck in my opinion”

-Bill Gates

“You know that’s typically how the Bullshit goes”

-the comment section


Web4 will be tight though




I remember when he said that computers will never need more than 8 mb of ram… 😂


Gates has made more money from and with tech than everyone in this thread combined. The hopium is so strong in here I’m about to pass tf out. Seriously talking shit about this dude won’t get your money back, help web3 or turn the markets around. Consider he’s right and how f’n stupid you’ll look later when web3 goes the way of the dodo. Know one knows what’s ahead. If you bought into Meta even for a minute you dont even get a say.


Because it isn’t. “Web3” is a buzz word.

The real Web 3.0 is technology and standards driven, like Web 2.0 before it.



Web3 is a cope term to satisfy web2 VC money.


He’s right.


ok Bill, got it


Compared to AI, Web3 isn’t revolutionary. Why are people acting like he’s wrong?


He also doesn’t think his connection to Jefferey Epstein is a big deal


Web 3 is monetization of the internet.

No consumer should like web 3.


Web3 is just the VC companies monetizing and controlling the internet. It is not the future we want.


Neither do I. And it seems nobody is really succeeding right now. Perhaps someone will, of course, but until then it’s not a big deal.


He’s not wrong is he?


I dont think so either to be honest.. this web3/metaverse hype will soon be replaced by the new AI hype


As the worlds largest farmland owner, Bill Gates can control global food production parameters. This is a scary scenario.


Bill Gates was wrong about the internet too early on. In his book ‘The Road Ahead’ he dismissed it. He had to add a new chapter when he reissued it on the subject of the internet because by then it was very clear he was wrong.


Only knowing the current state with second layer workarounds and no real scaling solutions and each workaround with its own token for no reason, he is right, this is going nowhere.

For projects being able to properly scale on first layer with running and hosting the whole dApp on chain, he is definitely wrong.

This is the future:




Bill Gates is accustomed to this kind of speech.

He already thought the Internet was just a passing fad. He also criticizes Bitcoin.

I don’t know if Web3 will be a Big Deal, but I won’t turn to Bill Gates to form an opinion on the subject.


Web3 is a VC funded scam to steal your money. CMV.


Well Bill Gates isn’t a big deal anymore


Someone from web 1/2 not thinking web3 is a big deal…shocker


Let the know-it-all talk, he’s already very old. He has little time left.


The truth about him and Epstine, thats a big deal ..


Meh – Nobody is right all the time. Just because he is/was a tech-leader in the past does not mean he is able to call the future any better than anyone else.


Bill Gates salty he cant profit from web3? 😆


I don’t thing software as a subscription is a big deal either Bill.

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