Billionaire Tim Draper Advocates for Bitcoin Investment Amid SVB Crisis – Companies Struggle to Pay Employees or Face Bankruptcy

Billionaire investor Tim Draper is encouraging people to invest in Bitcoin amid the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) crisis, as companies struggle to pay their employees or risk bankruptcy. Draper believes that Bitcoin is a safe haven for investors during times of economic uncertainty, and that it can provide a secure and reliable source of income. He also believes that Bitcoin can help companies weather the storm and remain afloat during difficult times.

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The value of Bitcoin is in the market that it enables, just like any currency. The corporates understand the usefulness of direct person to person payments, across borders and currency systems, no third parties, no special licensing, no chargebacks, with every satoshi publicly verified.

When will this happen? When will bitcoin take off? Watch for the day when Bitcoin payments can compete on every level with the USD.

Happening right now.


tldr; Venture capitalist Tim Draper, an early investor in Bitcoin, has warned that companies that didn’t invest in Bitcoin may not be able to pay their employees on Monday due to the crisis faced by Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). Draper has been advocating for CFOs to keep some cash in Bitcoin as a hedge against bad government and the banking system. Bitcoin is a safe and reliable asset in times of crisis.

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He is financing the coinlab lawsuit against MTGOX which is why no one has gotten their money yet.


Of course, bc thats where a lot of his money sits is in BTC… trying to hype that shit up to make himself richer!


Employees should ask to get paid in Bitcoin.


This is the same asshat that was defending Theranos through her entire downfall, even as her fraud was documented by whistleblowers.


Fuck this scumbag holding all Mtgox creditors for ten years straight! The poor billionaire robs peasants and advocates for more.

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