Bitcoin Foundation?

I know I am out of touch. But What, wow, ah, holey poopoo!!

I just found out the bitcoin foundation has been defunct in its original form since 2015?

Yes, I see as of June 2022 the organization is back active, but something doesn’t seem right there.

Can someone enlighten me and get me back up to date?

Should I be worried about my investment?

Are there any legitimate entities working to secure the future? or >!are we all doomed!?!<

#Bitcoin #Foundation

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There’s no bitcoin foundation

>defunct in its original form since 2015

It was created by some crooks. No one recognizes it. You can create your own. No one will support it.

There’s no company, foundation, premine, ICO, VCs, branding, marketing, licenses, trademarks, not even an official website, code repo or a formal specification. This is bitcoin.


Bitcoin Foundation was a terrible idea that attracted grifters and gave legitimacy to scammers.

Bitcoin has no central authority and anyone pretending to be one should be treated with the utmost skepticism.


What the fuck is the Bitcoin Foundation?


Why assume Bitcoin needs a Foundation?
Based on the history, the negatives outweigh the positives
In the context of centralization, Bitcoin does not benefit from becoming dependent on a single funding source


I see bad one sided pushback with the responses’?

I just was curious about how we handle bad actors.

The foundation was at least some attempt at legitimacy and accountability but what I am seeing without anything in place is not good in that crypto is being taken over by bad actors.


1 I don’t believe in centralization or a single funding source either but monetary systems need something, this new system is quickly loosing control.

I think one of the original premises is that bitcoin was a way to get away from FIAT that is controlled by a centralized entity that dictate its value-(Inflation-Deflation) or being taken over by a bad actor or actors who take control and gives and takes to whom it chooses upon how they feel, I was hoping crypto would give freedom back to the users so to avoid a central authority/bad actor, letting the users decide how their funds are allocated.

2 Based on history? neg/pos, I think that’s speculative depending which side of the fence we are on/our beliefs.

This is not political, its just different types of social systems that exists: unfettered capitalism, socialism, fascism, and even a democracy where un-educated individuals vote for what they don’t know or vote something when information has been withheld is bad idea, to me and seems like its always infiltrated buy a small group who work together to game the system and hide facts for their personal reasons’.

History shows every previous attempt at accountability Direct Trade-Tally sticks-Gold-FIAT has failed or is failing due to a small few always trying to game it into a pyramid scheme for personal benefit.

I was excited when the original founders of crypto tried to create decentralized accountability with systems like reputation based on the users history, Trust Networks, Bad address lists for bad actors, one vote for one user who can only vote for what they know about, ect..

I wish individuals weren’t on one side of the fence or the other, we have the tech to ride/walk on the fence and select the best from both sides to benefit the masses and the individuals who have their own agenda!!

So I am back to being a little worried its all about power and money instead of progress!
I feel as my investment bitcoin/blockchain tech has turned from a hope for humanity to a power tool for financial gain and control!!

I think it stinks when something is regulated or not regulated correctly.

Again, I do not want a central authority, I was just hoping for a system that would self regulate and recognize good or bad actors anonymously.

We have had free unlimited energy and other tech available for a long time but because human greed, anger, jealousy, etc. we cant release that tech to the world because someone will turn it into a bomb and kill everything-push the button because some guy had his period..

We should all be flying around in our own Vimāna to other planet’s, checking out new species, and partying and doing thing beyond what we have ever imagined. Instead more and more bad actors are creeping into the crypto space and are writing it for their own benefit AGAIN!

wow! I typed a lot, I usually don’t do that, I’m just all fired up that the truth is being hidden again!
So I will stay close to my rock to crawl under for when it all implodes. Its a nice rock.. 🙂 now what do I do with this worthless money?

Moderators please don’t delete me and be a centralized point of control, I mean no harm.. I actually meant to help Increase the real value of bitcoin!

Maybe someone will have some constructive criticism that will change the world!

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