Bitcoin only option firmware hardware wallet

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Does anyone have any experience with the Keystone hardware wallet? It has an option for BTC-only firmware and is compatible with Electrum and other Bitcoin wallets. I’m curious to hear if anyone has any recommendations or advice about this wallet. You can find more information about it in this Twitter thread: What are your thoughts?

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Its not fully open source


apart from touchscreen, none.

you can generate seeds using dice throws and verify that the device is giving you legit seed on your own generated entrophy.

with BTConly firmware, you get PSBT support.
you’ll only need to check raw transactions before signing them.

in my opinion, the only ‘almost’ trustless solution is an offline(signer)-online(builder/broadcaster) setup, using 2 different machines (desktops or laptops).
this looks like a good alternative for a more convenient setup that does not involve airgapping a not specialized device.

let me know if you think i’m wrong about this.

it would be probably a good idea to check keystone firmware sources and look at how tx nonces are generated, considering that even airgapped wallets could be potentially exposed to ‘Covert nonce channel attack’.
i didn’t check and i don’t know a lot about this device, but i would look into this to achive a safe and trustless setup.


Not fully open source and made in China.

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