Bot minting continues to be a problem with Reddit free avatar drops

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Reddit needs to level up their bot prevention game for crypto giveaways, like requiring some serious karma and account age, and throwing in a fat captcha.

Meanwhile Apologies needed


bring the captcha


Busted. Good catch OP. You caught the greedy boy.

Meanwhile I got these plungers in my head, only one, and feeling great. It is my first avatar btw.


sure does seem like a real problem op


For this round of apology NFTs they should just give us all the unicorn so the guys that botted it won’t have a rare nft anymore


We need another apology NFT!!


Wow someone is making a living, this is really bad of that user to ruin the blessing of reddit avatars to be reached to as much possible users

I found one of his accounts on twitter ( @eviloona_)

I found several usernames associated with the same username on twitter

Looks like he’s NFT pirate


I don’t understand why Reddit has no bot prevention! I mean you could tackle this problem with 2 easy things:

• Add some requirements karma/account age for a claim/purchase

• Captcha


Unfortunate I don’t think there is much we can do about it. People will always try to not things and ruin the fun for financial gain

A captcha could work, but it is only a temporary solution


Reddit could add a technical piece like a captcha. This would slow down bots a millisecond, but it wouldn’t solve the multiple account problem.

The truth is that there will always be bots.

I would rather their be tiered free avatars vs unlimited supply free avatars, even if the bots get some first.


There will always be ways to game the system, its not gonna stop. Like the spam, you stop them doing one thing then they find a way to get around the filters. Its like cat and mouse.


Sounds like he found a nice glitch 👌


Who needs bots when you can post the same 3 articles on a loop for Moons!


Shocked Pikachu face.


Did it happen with the Ubisoft nft?


Call me dumb, but I don’t see the rabbid on my shop


These technically savvy dudes with iffy morals are killing it these days


Bots really have been a non stop problem in crypto from airdrops to new releases and nfts


Not surprised, it’s free money after all, people will do anything to exploit stuff as long as money is involved.


I’m still in favor of a Nike inspired draw system


Another free distribution I haven’t seen anything about? And some cunny funt is boting the up? Classic


These guys are ruining the experience for average users and it’s all down to pure greed. I hope Reddit clamp down hard on them, unfortunately I’m not educated enough on bots to provide a solution but I trust there are people that are.


Yet we have degens on this sub inquiring how they can create bots.


Motherfucker is living bullshit at the fullest


Why is the same person/account (eviloona.eth) buying all of his free NFTs for $3.7?


Thank you Coffeezilla 2.0. We need detectives like u 💪


Well already saw few users showing off 5-10 Rabbids they minted using their alt accounts . Not even sure how can they managed to swipe them all within so less time when most of the rabbids were gone in 10-15minutes . On other sub someone also claimed how Reddit encouraged people to use alts for those endangered animals drop .


That’s a lot of free NFTs


A simple catcha would at least slow down the bots. I don’t understand why this hasn’t been introduced yet.


Why do people always have to ruin everything?


Honestly I can’t bring myself to care about any of these after how badly Gen 3 was handled. I’ll just go back to shitcoins instead of shitty NFTs.


CAPTCHA is the answer. It won’t even take long to make one


Doesn’t that just mean more supply, which, since these are collectibles and not investments, means better prices for everyone?


How can a bot mint these avatars?
Dont they have to select the avatar and wait for it to load before clicking mint.

Also i dont think Reddit allows 1000s of accounts on one ip

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