By when should bitcoin match gold market cap?

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On track with the half life 3 release 👍


My understanding is that following the next halving event in 2024 that the annual inflation rate of Bitcoin will be less than the annual inflation rate of the gold supply. As a consequence, I wouldn’t be suprised to see Bitcoin at least touch the gold market cap at some point in it’s next bull cycle. However, since gold is a 5,000 year old savings asset and Bitcoin is less than 15 years old, it may take trad-fi a while to price Bitcoin as a more scarce commodity.

Most people think that the gold supply is static. It isn’t…it is constantly expanding exponentially at an average inflation rate of 2% per year as more gold is mined every year. There is no cap to the gold supply. This means that the total gold supply doubles approximately every 36 years. Bitcoin is about to become the only commodity that has a lower inflation rate than gold with an absolutely fixed supply cap. Once institutional investors come to terms with this reality is when Bitcoin will finally eat away gold’s market cap.


03:11 AM, March 12th, 2034.


when gold never gets over 2050 and btc is storming ahead, gold bugs will jump ship.


When all the boomers and genXers holding gold have died and pass on their wealth to their bitcoiner kids. So about another 20-30yrs


About a 10x from currently standing ATH. Probably 2 halvings or less. I can’t see us going much into the next decade without this milestone being hit.


When people get more disclosure about the lie of our money system and start selling other assets for bitcoin


By the next arv’ing




The market cap of Bitcoin is not important


When George Martin finishes ASOIF.


When most of BTC is held in deep cold storage never to see the light of day and the available supply is so thin that the marginal price of BTC is in the many 100s of thousands.

Perfectly possible in my opinion.


Please don’t think that a heuristic “marketing” technique is the same thing as reality. People like you get scammed way too easily. Please be more skeptical. We don’t really know what bitcoin is. We think it’s the best currency around. However, we have never fully tested it. Bitcoin is still growing and that 20 times growth that it will need to pass gold could likely come. Bitcoin will then reach new challenges.


My crystal ball says: try again later

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