Can anyone explain what this could mean for crypto and markets in general?

What implications could the rise of cryptocurrency have for the global financial markets?

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This could mean nothing or everything, or… anything. Definitely something.


The FED is a group of banks. They poof money into existence from nothing at all and loan that money out at interest. They use the interest that comes back to them to pay themselves a dividend, I believe 8%. If the FED makes more than 8%, the extra money goes to the treasury, so the FED tries not to make more than 8% annually. That 8% dividend is guaranteed, meaning that if one year the FED makes less than 8% profit, they don’t have to pay the treasury any future profit they make over 8% until they have finished backpaying themselves. I think this chart is a representation of how much money the FED can backpay itself before it has to start paying amounts over 8% to the treasury. The chart says that the FED can pay itself $40 billion in addition to its 8% dividend before it needs to start paying profits greater than 8% to the treasury. $40 billion sounds like a lot to normal people, but I’m not sure it’s that big a deal to the FED. There are some important questions that I don’t have the answer to, like “why isn’t the FED making enough money to pay itself its dividend?” and “will this trend continue?”.


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Seems like a bunch of people who failed high school level math and economics are answering.

Here’s the actual data and how it works into the big picture:
[FRED table of data](

And if you don’t know what that data means, don’t worry about the random charts people tell you to lmfao

[here’s a summary of those numbers for the smooth brains](


There’s more debt than cash that exists in the world even after printing.


It means nothing for crypto or the economy. Fed is just writing some losses die to their rate hiking. Just like all other central banks around the globe.


Most likely nothing. And if anything, it’s not something that the market won’t recover from.



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