cant access dread

Does anyone have a secure link to access Dread? The Tor link appears to be functioning, but it keeps going offline intermittently.

#access #dread


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When this happens,
1. Clear Identity & restart os
2. Access dread on tor taxi
3. Dont sign in immediately
4. Browse Dread as a Guest
5. When commenting, sign in and after clicking submit sign off

Edit: Just your change onion circuit/grab new identity or donate to dread and access through a private link. If these don’t work, register an account on bohemia and the special access link to dread.

Dread cant handle too high traffic, so when that happens it kicks you offline.


If you have an account on Boh then you get a special link for dread. I use it everyday and it’s fast AF


same. not working for me either


How to access dread?

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