Can’t verify Bohemia wallet through i2p link I got off tortaxi. Is there another pgp key?

I’m a little confused, I never had a problem with this i2p site until now. I also am having trouble verifying the wallet through the private link I was given. I’ve been using the pgp key from the login page, I just wanted to know if there was another pgp key, or if this could possibly be a phishing site. I was able to verify the link, no problem there, it’s just the wallet. The message that was given was not signed, but it should be, shouldn’t it?

I’m new to this, but since it was from tor taxi and it’s an i2p link, I believe it shouldn’t be, but I’m still not going to send anything until I figure this out.

#verify #Bohemia #wallet #i2p #link #tortaxi #pgp #key

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The bohmeia links are correct. You said the link verified correctly so if there is a problem it’s with bohemia not Contact bohemia support

HATEPLOW666 sold out


I don’t trust tor taxi

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