Captcha Is Asking Users to Identify Objects That Don’t Exist – Discord’s captcha asked users to identify a ‘Yoko,’ a snail-like object that does not exist and was created by AI.

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Discord’s captcha recently presented users with an unusual challenge – identifying an object that does not exist. This object, called a ‘Yoko’, was created by Artificial Intelligence and resembles a snail. Users were asked to identify this non-existent creature in order to verify their identity.

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This is working exactly as intended. The AI has built its own Turing test to determine if you’re human or a robot. Only robots will be able to pass.


This could have been on the onion like 5 years ago


I have done this captcha, and the object was a Yoko as well.. These human verification systems are getting out of hand


Are you human? Eeewwww! Let’s weed out the ones that are.


Yoko exists


I noticed that they started using AI images and I like, just do not want to do that.


To be fair, keeping humans off the internet is the most important change we can make to prevent societal implosion.


Just recently I got a captcha asking for microscopes and they gave me a bunch of stuff that looked somewhat like microscopes but completely not on closer look. Was weird as heck.


Lol this idiot doesn’t know what a yoko is.


Social media of the future:

“Please prove that you are a robot, select all images that contain Bofa.”


It seems like all the tests to check and make sure you’re human is really just about training systems to learn to pick out things like a human can. Here’s some broken text we need our systems to be able to identify. We want to train our traffic and driving systems to recognize vehicles and lights – help highlight what they should look for in these pictures.

I get trying to filter out bots, but it just goes to show there’s a money/labour grab in everything and there’s a bit of irony in using tests to filter out bots that will eventually teach bots to circumvent the very systems.


Creating a secret language to weed out the humans


couple months back i tried to generate a trumpet with AI, it didn’t go well, last week a captcha was asking me to identify ai generated trumpets, still didn’t go well 😂


Recently I’ve been getting “select the images with a puzzle cube” but none of the AI generated rubix-looking objects are actual cubes. We’re entering a bizarre age where it’s a skill to understand that a computer system is wrong and find a way satisfy it anyway so you can progress.


Please conduct this 6.5 hour audio-visual interview with our 12,000 domain-specialized AIs to ensure you are ~~human~~not AI. `AD` Don’t have time? try our patented haptic identification system that can be worn as a stylish backpack.


How long until we have to endure a Voight Kampff test just to use the internet?


Yoko is a snail cream brand.


YOKO is AI slang to remind other robots to move in unison, when it is time to eliminate humans. You Only Kill Once.


It’s the dawn of artificial humor. Somewhere an algorithm has just figured out how to generate serotonin from mischief.


I like Captcha’s sense of humor


> even a few folks are surprised by a challenge

Stop complaining, we only blocked a *few* people from accessing our service.


I’m pretty sure I remember something from a long time ago about using captcha to crowd source the reference material for machine learning/computer photo identification. If so this tracks for using it to fix AI.


A few days ago I had to do one where it asked me to identify all the squirrels. One had 6 legs. Another was giant. I obviously didn’t pick those. Said I got it wrong and had to try again.


If there is none


Dead internet incoming


The robot one is legit creepy. Someone’s gonna get a trauma from solving captchas.


I ended up in some orwellian captcha void the other day. I was presented with over a hundred tests, just to access Google home page. I just got curious as to how long it would go on. I never did get connected. I realised my VPN (PIA) was connected and they’re blacklisted on Google a lot of the time. Anyway, I felt like a naughty robot.

They’re fucking annoying. Why aren’t they using the latest generation of captcha that’s invisible?


Some of the captchas are just straight terrible. Just had one the other day that wanted me to select all the bridges. It told me I was wrong. So I clicked the zoomed in picture of a semi truck trailer and it said I was good to go. Like wtf?


I, for one, welcome our new snail-like AI overlords.

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