Cardano Blockchain Releases Update to Enhance Network Communication

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Despite the hate ADA is a great ecosystem. Friendly interfaces, and solid tech. A good bet if you’re new to crypto and like staking.


Would love to see more announcements about use case, partnerships, and paying customers. Goes for all crypto really.


I prefer this kind of development to the Charles trash talks


> Cardano blockchain released its new node version v.1.35.6, which comes with functionality called Dynamic peer-to-peer (P2P) networking.

> The upgrade is designed to ensure network uptime and stability and improve overall resilience – or the ability of a network to provide and maintain an acceptable level of service in the face of faults and challenges to normal operation.

In the mean time in Solana dev meeting: “…we propose to start using test environment before deploying stuff…”


This is what really happened, I paraphrased for comedy purposes but this is what they basically said they would start doing to fix some stability issues.


I remember the days when cardano was so hated in the sub and everyone thought it will be one of the projects that will die in the bear. Really glad to see them continuing with the developments and enhancing the network.


Been DCAing and staking ada all 2022, hopefully it grows larger than before. Even tho the heat it gets here but then again, inversing the sub is always a good strategy.

Bulish on Cardano.

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