Careful planning of EV charging station placement could lessen or eliminate need for new power plants, study shows

A study has revealed that with careful planning of the placement of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, the need for constructing new power plants could be reduced or eliminated altogether.

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In addition to charging cars during mid day it would help the grid immensely if the cars could give back a little of the charge during peak load time (4pm to 9pm) and then re-top after midnight. The battery life of the car would not be impacted. Even after a battery is no longer useful for an EV is can be used for another 10 years as an energy storage device since the charge and discharge characteristic for this use is very mild.


Studies in Dallas…?

“Better availability of charging stations at workplaces, for example, could **help to soak up peak power being produced at midday from solar power installations, which might otherwise go to waste** because it is not economical to build enough battery or other storage capacity to save all of it for later in the day. ”

You mean this same Texas grid that is struggling to keep ahead of rolling blackouts, midday, when every business is cranking the AC is the time ‘soak up peak power’ from solar installations?

When the sun is shining brightest, in Texas, that is when the most power is being consumed.

The issue with evening charging is that power stations, just like all other factories, require downtime for maintenance and repairs.

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