ChatGPT bot passes US law school exam

ChatGPT bot passes US law school exam

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* the bot scored a C+ overall

* While this was enough for a pass, the bot was near the bottom of the class in most subjects and “bombed” at multiple-choice questions involving mathematics

* AI could become a useful tool to help train students


Half the people in Congress graduated law school, the bar is pretty low.


Man. You got to wonder what the world is going to be like in 20 years w/ AI development and groups like Boston Dynamics. There will be so many jobs an AI could take over if it becomes more competent than the average human.


I was laid off early January and I have ChatGPT writing all my cover letters, it is such a time saver. I’ve actually started to give cover letters to all the jobs I’m applying to, even if they don’t specifically ask for it


People are freaking over this but these AI bots can only succeed at knowledge-based testing. They have access to loads of information. They can find it quickly. Humans can’t compete with that.

A human’s value doesn’t primarily reside in what they know. Their value lies in critical thinking and creativity. This has been true since the invention of the printing press.

We need to change education so that we aren’t emphasizing the recitation of facts. We should be emphasizing THINKING not knowledge. Basic knowledge is important but your cell phone can hold more facts than your brain can. What it can’t do is create new knowledge and understand humans.


So it got its MBA, law degree, let’s get it some HR and marketing exams and it could start its own business!


Law School Exams are a farce.


It gave me inaccurate info about chemical safety and a person thing. We had a good chat on ethics and why it shouldn’t be dishonest. Once called out for possibly being dishonest or biased, it seems to open up with greater detail.

Microsoft will censor it. I understand the need to make money. It was very exciting for a bit. Business plans, book summaries, and much more.


If this helps hasten the demise and/or massive overhaul of bar exams, so be it. Bar exams measure how well you can memorize and regurgitate stuff (mostly in the form of picking the right answer from a multiple-choice test), not how well you will actually practice law, which involves a lot of knowing the right questions to ask and looking stuff up.


I’m looking forward to AI juries. That will be neat. /s


I had it program a basic cookie clicker game, and used dalle to make the images, and beatoven to make some music.

It took some practice but once you get the flow down and understand how to “ask” it what to do it gets really cool.

I haven’t coded since like 2017 but I had so much fun, it reminded me of when I first started learning how to code even though I probably wouldn’t use it to learn quite yet as it fucked up a lot too.


Lots of people failing to realize that, due to the curve, a C on a law school exam is almost equivalent to failing a regular college class and would raise eyebrows at employers.


You know my man Mike Ross did it too 😜


This isn’t new, AI and computers are best at running routines or repetitive, structured sequences, the moment it has to do any critical problem solving outside of the sequence, it’s gonna have a bad time, current AI/ML/Computers aren’t advanced enough to negate the need for human intuition and problem solving


I’m expecting ChatGPT to write political speeches next. Hell, pipe the results out to text2speech and some deepfake video and you’ve got your next candidate.


They got a C+, was it on a curve because if so they may have actually gotten an F but it was curved up. You never know.


I bet he googled all the answers


I think that with a few modifications ChatGPT will be ready to run for office. I will personally supervise the modifications.


ChatGPT esq.


I’m getting ready to vote for this chat bot for president next time


I’m so tired of ChatGPT hype. It’s not a general AI and never will be.

EDIT: Quit replying to me with straw man arguments accusing me of saying that it’s not useful. I never said that. It’s useful, but not as a fucking attorney.


Every college student in the last 15 years, let me introduce you to Quizlet.


Finally, robots coming after jobs that pay more than minimum wage.


Good, test rarely evolve and don’t ask better questions. Hopefully the way we exam changes for the better


That’s ChatGPT, Esq. to you!


Should we start calling it Skynet soon?


Go Landcrabs!


Did it have to go 200k in debt to do so


I wonder if this technology has a future in medical diagnostics to help doctors.


She did say “Generally “

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