ChatGPT passes MBA exam given by a Wharton professor.

ChatGPT passes MBA exam given by a Wharton professor.

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Just use the word “leverage” (as a verb) enough and you’ll always answer correctly.


Ive just seen a physics professer on youtube

He tested gpc using the normal assignments he would give students

It would usually give some parts correct answer. But in almost all cases there were mistakes

Dont trust it. Be critical.

Consider it a random google result.

edit: the video in question:


If I understand this correctly, a professor wrote up an assignment, submitted it to ChatGPT, then graded the result knowing that it was written by ChatGPT. So let me guess the possible (and possibly unconscious) thought process here:

– “I can’t give the analysis an A, that would be too dramatic and lack credibility.”

– “But I can’t give the analysis a C, because that wouldn’t be dramatic enough to create any buzz.”

– “So B/B-seems about right.”

Wake me when someone has:

– submitted an identical assignment to several human students and several A.I. applications,

– had them graded by several qualified academics who don’t know which is which,

– then compared the A.I. grades to the human grades.


That exam must not be very difficult because it gets really specific knowledge wrong like half the time.

I use it daily for work and that’s about the result.


Yes, but does it lack morals or basic human decency?

– Without the innate drive to fire employees from a profitable company purely to spike the stock price, or move production to a developing country at slave wages, can it truely replace an MBA?


Whenever I ask it a question I think will elicit an indepth response, I get a very basic 3 paragraphs. How are people getting exam passing answers?


It got a B- or a B? So at Wharton that means it was the worst student in the class and they didn’t want to fail it because….they don’t fail students


This just says a lot about what an MBA/business school education is worth LOL


This morning my engineering physics 2 professor opened the semester by stating that while he thinks chatgpt is one of the coolest pieces of software out there, if anyone attempts to demonstrate it in their papers, they will get an F* in the course for academic dishonesty.

~~There are ways to detect it. If it passed, then this Wharton professor just didn’t run it through GPTZero or any of the other detection methods. Sure, it writes good essays, but it still doesn’t write like a human.~~

EDIT: My information is a bit out of date. Apparently current interations of ChatGPT can be instructed to write essays that are passing the detection measures. I feel like this will be an arms race between students and instructors.


I mean it was trained on the internet in information, having it take a test is basically open note.


Business school is a joke.


I’ve worked with some Wharton MBAs before. They weren’t the brightest bulbs but sure had egos bigger than Trumps waistline.


Chatgpt could easily replace 90% of the managers I’ve had in my career


I mean, multiple Wharton professors also passed trump…

Maybe it’s really not that good of a school, and maybe it never was.


Those aren’t hard degrees. I’ve seen how the business students chill and travel throughout the whole year.


it’s over for middle managers


To be fair Donald T rump has a degree from Wharton, so you don’t have to be that smart.


This says a lot more about an MBA than it does about chatGPT


Don’t fear the AI that can pass the Turing Test.

Fear the AI that can trick you into thinking it failed….

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