clearnet website somehow routed through tor

planning to make a private website on the clearnet some how having its traffic routed through TOR but people can still access it on the clearnet so they wont have to download tor etc.. is this possible ?

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Probably not in the way you’re thinking. You need to use tor to get the benefits of tor. What you can do (and is often used) is host a regular website with a separate .onion url, so users can choose to use the tor version if they want to.


Yes, you can.
Basically you can host an onion website with the help of tor browser and then just mirror that tor website to a clearnet domain/host. If LE want to track you down, they will manage to seize the clearnet domain, but it will still be impossible for them to determine the backend of the website that is being mirrored as it is running through tor.


What would be the point of this? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Stay on TOR; no clearnet.


Yes. Keep in mind that depending on how you do it, you do expose yourself to deanonymizing your site or getting DoS’d. You should implement HTTPS (LetsEncrypt offers free certs) for clearnet access.

I would recommend first setting up your site normally so it listens on clearnet (so you can make sure the site-specific aspects of it are working as intended), and then you can set up the tor hidden service to send traffic to the port your web server is listening on.

Assuming you want to do this all on one server/VPS, you can have a server like nginx or apache listening on the usual ports `` and [``]( ([]( would be all network interfaces – you may need to adjust based on your hosting situation). This would expose your site over the internet if it has an internet-routable IP and no firewall restrictions.

Then, you can set up your torrc with `HiddenServicePort 80` [``]( which will direct tor-originated traffic to the server configuration for [``]( via the local/loopback interface ([]( would also listen on localhost/ Both apache and nginx have ways of customizing this further with virtual host configurations.

`HiddenServiceNonAnonymousMode` and `HiddenServiceSingleHopMode` (dangerous) can also be configured if the site isn’t intended to be anonymous or you don’t expect to be a victim of a DoS.


Anyone knows how bbgate runs?


Yes and no. Might be possible to make a clearweb web server that would act like a proxy but if you plan to have it in anyway “anonymous” aka what tor is made to do it wont be worth it. Just make a .onion website and have a clear website that helps the users access it. Aka a tutorial


Why in the world would you do that. Unless you’re looking for a ticket to prison. In my opinion, I’d want to plend in with the other 10, 20, markets & not do things to make myself stand out and become a target. If you had 10 thieves that all had white hands, but you were the only one with red hands, who do you think is going to get the attention. Plus, you’d get everyone & their mother joining, including CHILDREN. The easy access alone will make you a target. Nothing about your idea 💡 is good. In this instance become the sheep 🐑 😆 🤣


The would pretty much only protect the host and not the user though



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