Cogeco Connexion Lands $2.4 Million to Expand High-Speed Internet in Ontario • iPhone in Canada Blog

Cogeco Connexion has secured $2.4 million in funding to expand high-speed internet access in Ontario. The investment will help bring faster internet to more households and businesses in the province. This is great news for those who have been struggling with slow internet speeds or lack of access. With this new funding, Cogeco Connexion will be able to provide more Ontarians with the reliable, high-speed internet they need.

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$2.4 million isn’t much these days.


Thats just a tiny fraction of the profits that rogers canada makes… (dont know about bell) but these big companoes cant be bothered to provide this service because they already took their tax cut and subisidies the provide shitty service. in a main city i was using rogers paying for 75mbs and got maybe 8-15 on a good day, often cutting out multiple times a day (3ed world countries have better service and speeds). Rogwr way over subscribes rheir network and refuses to upgrade anything because screw tje customer, what actual choices do people have. We should be free taxing the shit outta them and using that money to make oublis infrastructure that the private guys rent.


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