Could this be it? Could we finally, really be seeing Bitcoin decouple from traditional markets?

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You are probably seeing some of the fear of banks in this move, also happens with gold. But never underestimate a liquidity crisis if it develops. Even gold was never safe when liquidity was needed to make up for other investments. People end up selling because they have to.


bitcoin is part of traditional markets. markets are where things are bought and sold, traditionally. the economy is interconnected. get over it.


I do think one thing is for sure, and this is merely a statement reflecting my sentiment. – BTC is here to stay, it is a force to be reckoned with, it is on the radar of financial institutions and governments. They see it, and are concerned. I’ll admit that when it was at 15k last year, i had no confidence that it wasn’t going to 8k. I felt like the end of the world. Total chaos. But when I think back, it was pure emotion telling me to fear it. That I may lose my money if I invest. When I see these banks going under and shit hitting the fan, well I believe in BTC even more. This is what it was made for. This financial trouble now is an echo of the original sentiment that gave birth to BTC. Strangely, I feel there is a certain romance to this whole thing. A delicious irony that illustrates so clearly this awful system we all support right now. And yet, we can not just end it. We all see and know this must end, a stinking, corrupt quagmire of debt and impossible obligations. We can opt out slowly, edging on to the life raft. The sad thing is that I think we will witness the world burning, people we know losing everything.


Banks need to offer Bitcoin purchases/services/custody, or say goodbye. : )


Current situation is in fact another indication of coupling. Banks are going down HENCE people invest their money in bitcoin, THEREFORE bitcoin pumps.

It would be a “decoupling” if bitcoin would continue its crab movement while fiat market is in flames.


No, it’s a pump


It was never really coupled.


I won’t believe we truly decouple until there’s regulation between what’s security and what’s a commodity in the crypto space. Once that hammer falls as we expect to with BTC as the only commodity then it will change almost overnight. Until then…. We wait.


I still see it moving with the NASDAQ. Are you all just high or is it me?


You write well sir.


This is bad for buttcoin


You’ll get lots of upvotes for saying it is, but no probably not. And certainly way too early to come to a conclusion


What do you mean finally?
It has been decoupled most of it’s time it is only during the stock boom of 2020-21 that it started to be correlated heavily


Probably not


I have a feeling that sometimes it’s going to decouple and then sometimes it won’t.

If something crazy happens, it’s still going to drop everything’s price. The thing is… when it reaches a certain price, it’s not going to matter.


They are still raising rates as well, yet their models have the chance of 50bp at less than 10%, even though inflation is still accelerating.

This is how these crashes happen, and we arent even close to capitulation yet.


What if everyone just started calling their grocery stores and asking them to accept bitcoin


It decoupled when it hit the bottom. You are just realizing it now.

Bitcoin correlates with nasdaq in bull markets, when everyone is hopeful for the future and wants to take risk.

Bitcoin then correlates with gold in bear market, coz after all the moonboy tourists have left, the og bitcoiners think of it as a safe haven.

You only see the correlation when its too late to do anything about it.

Bitcoin shows correlation to different assets based on the type of market participants at that point of time.

At the end we all know that a technology network of sound money is much more than the sum of a tech network and sound money individually.




This is why BTC was made… conceived because of lack of trust for banks… and now we’re going through the first bank run since the inception of BTC. May we live in interesting times 🙌🏼


You have to realize markets are irrational. Bitcoin is the most irrational of all lol. It goes up and down without any reason.

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