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There is Bitcoin, called “Bitcoin.” Bitcoin is legitimate and Bitcoin is the new superior form of money.

Then there are *alt coin **scams*** called “cryptocurrency,” “crypto,” and so forth.


Lyn Alden:


“Bitcoin, Not Crypto” (10:30):


Crypto sucks.


better use binance u add automatic buys


Every crypto currency is 99% a scam. We already have a golden egg which is bitcoin it dose everything that every other crypto currency does besides makes more from thin air. However the only future cryptocurrency can achieve is utility in some way other than a monetary policy. Like a voting coin. Imagine voting from anywhere at anytime for anything. You pay 1$ gets exchange for a coin or token and you deposit it into a voting wallet. Would allow for real time votes. However people only want to make money so this probably won’t happen for years if not decades to come.

Going to be honest if your not worried about people knowing your wallet, cash app is pretty good idea to DCA bitcoin in. You can also transfer it to a custodial wallet like bitcore without any problems. Iv used Robin Hood and and there’s always a long wait it’s like they don’t have the funds or arn’t willing to transfer the funds over.


relai, its non kyc and ok for dca

[]( sucks, it got shitty apps, support is shit and the spread on selling also sucks

i hold like 6k in cro just to use it without fees


Peer to peer

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