Crypto to Fiat Debit Cards

Now this is something that’s recently grown in popularity.

So I decided to see what all the fuss is about, they claim to offer seamless fiat transactions, by instintaniously converting your deposited crypto into the currency of your choosing.

So the account promises no border limits, so I could be in my home country and make a transaction and not worry, but I could also be in New Zealand and make a transaction and not have to worry. Which is quite unique in my opinion.

So one question which was on my mind, was: “So Crypto fluctuates a lot, so some days I’ll have money and some days I won’t have as much, right?”

Well Wirex, the company I’ve decided to do this Crypto banking with, offer a cashback scheme based on which plan you are on with them. Ranging from basic to premium. 0.5% to 8%, so I guess that tackles the issues I had with it. Obviously if the amount went down by a large amount then you’d be screwed. However with this cashback scheme any small bumps would be covered by their token conversion

This is beginning to sound like an advertisement, it’s just supposed to be an interesting read and a place for me to report my findings once my card arrives for activation in the next couple of days. I’ll report back here in several days. Adios for now.

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Depending on the rules in your country, wouldn’t the tax be a bit of a nightmare to work out?


Those token cashbacks have been in the environment for a long while.

Binance(for example) offers a card alike, you earn cashback in BNB when their card is used and the percentage is related to your BNB holds.

If you’re curious about top 8% tier you need to hold 600BNB


I tried Binance but owning a BNB is not something I’m interested in so i chose PLUTUS.

It’s an amazing service with 3% Cashback and a perk that rebuts 10$ of a perk of your chose monthly (i chose Disney +).


This post had a Wirex advertisement feel to it. Many crypto cards also offer the possibility to spend fiat or stablecoins. This means that you could choose to sell your crypto for stablecoins when the price is high and then use card to spend those stablecoins. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about the fluctuations while still earning cashback.

Several crypto cards (at least in the EU/UK) also offer full rebates for some subscriptions including services like Netflix and Spotify. This means that if you pay for the subscription using the card, you’ll get the full price of said subscriptions paid back in tokens.


[CL card powered by Ledger](

It’s a debit card/MasterCard. Cashback in BTC. Works ok so far. Depositing ETH is easy. Card is accepted in most shops, but not all. Paying online works without problems.


1-1.5% cashback is provided by credit card these days but still if the card can fulfill your needs , its good. Yeah ! Share the reviews .


I am using Binance card and I am pretty happy with it.


Often these cards are accepted more than my regular bank credit card


Crypto debit cards should have the following properties:

1. Have a simple UX. I don’t want to dig through Binance’s complex interface to do a simple transfer.
2. Have a clear business model. So they will be around for long enough. I’m not curious what happens when my debit card goes bust.
3. Have no other businesses. Especially borrowing & lending where they are the counterparty.
4. Support Apple Pay / Google Wallet so you can pay with your phone.

PS: Anyone knows smth like that?


> This is beginning to sound like an advertisement

You can say that again.


I am using NEXO card, with 2% cashback on NEXO (or 1% on BTX).
It’s very easy to use so far, and it’s also easy to get to know your way around with it.
Occasionally I also use Binance card, I dont own much BNB, but when I use it to do transactions with the card I always get cashback on BNB.


Remember that if you don’t sell or exchange you don’t pay tax.

That is the ultimate stage of crypto master.

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