Crypto’s UX is rubbish

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A steep learning curve is par for the course when you are acting as your own bank. There will always be a trade off between true decentralisation and ease of use.


A good UX is surely a significantly underrated phenomenon.


My biggest gripe are the Blockchain explorers, while some of them are relatively easy to read and UX is OKish, the UTxO ones are impossible to decipher, you want to know what was sent where? Naaah… Due to nature of the transaction model you often see stupid things like your entire wallet balance “leaving” your wallet just to “return” back in the next transaction where in fact it never left your wallet in the first place. It’s like reading hieroglyphs inside a pyramid trying to figure out what happened.


I’ll get downvoted into oblivion but this is why so many folks still use apps like Robinhood. The interface is super intuitive and easy to use. It’s an app I could teach my mom to use in less than 10 minutes. They absolutely have engaged in shady practices but nobody has had anything like an accidental $2 million for $0.05 trade happen like I saw posted on the sub yesterday. Robinhood may be washed but you don’t have to watch and understand a 20 minute video on slippage in order to use it.


Definitely check out Telcoin app, they have made the polygon network easy to access and swap within defi smoothly with few touches. On ramp and off ramp with USDC aswell on the polygon


I firmly beleive UI/UX will get better every so many years. We witnessed in one cycle, many CEXES improving vastly their websites, their android/IOS apps. Not their APIs so much, but improvements were made there as well. Many “decentralised” (note the “”) exchanges, did 1-3 UI changes too. Also Metamask got its Dark skin barely 1 year ago, on March 2022!!! (a specific milestone one can easily track for any website or application)

Many things have to be done. Many many things!


>Crypto is still for nerds only

Well that still relative on the person. Whether they have some experience with computers or not. The beginner steps of interacting with crypto isn’t that hard compared to what it was years ago.


>Crypto is still for nerds only.

I’m not a nerd and I’m here


Thus far we have mainly crypto *developers*. When we start hearing about crypto *designers*, that’s probably when UI and UX will be much focused upon.


I agree with this based on my trying to get friends and family involved. Trying to explain wallets and swapping, gas fees and staking they were basically all like yeah… not for me


“Class of 2021 here”….lol why you buy the top?


Yes, it should be the top topic at the industry’s conferences.


With so many wallets, impossible to trust and try them. The solution could already exist.


The more I delve deeper into the world of crypto, I can’t help but feel like I’m walking through a minefield at night with limited visibility. It seems like every step I take could potentially trigger an explosion that would result in losing everything 😅

Op mentioned that crypto is for nerds, I disagree. I’m definitely not tech savy, but it’s definitely not suited for the casual user. There are so many rules to follow, and each of them seems to make it even harder for everyday people to adopt and use it, instead of traditional banking.


People don’t wanna admit it but exchanges lower the barrier of entry for most people


The user facing elements of sending crypto are the same as sending a letter in the mail. Billions of people have sent letters throughout history. The only thing that makes it “hard” is that you’re sending money so it’s way more nerve racking than sending your grandma a letter with your school picture in it.

Crypto requires learning like everything in life. Learning how to solve 3X + 4 = 19 is way harder than figuring out how to copy and paste an address into a send field.

Like if you understand concepts like postage (you can write a letter but if you don’t buy stamps to send it, it ain’t going anywhere), fuel for a vehicle (you can buy a car but if you never put gas in it, it ain’t going anywhere), and addresses (if you want to send something to someone, you need to know their address) then you have the skill set required to learn how to send crypto to someone.


I think cosmos ecosystem is quite intuitive to use, both from a UI/UX and usability perspective


It’s really not that complicated to get crypto lol CEX, investing platforms, ATMs, and other apps, then withdraw to your private wallet.


I feel like app is simple af, but perhaps I overestimate the intelligence of the average human?


Were all wolves here trying to make our fiat x1000 by living a lie that we are in it for the tech, most of us missed that retirement gains and everyone here is just waiting and waiting for that moment….f$ck the tech…even third world countries have a good digital system already…even though its centralized a financial system which no one central control?? Dream on.


Maybe its just my bank but their app is more shit than Binance or MEXC


A developer myself, and i will put out some thoughts of mine.

There exists a dilemma between Customer experience and control of money.

On one hand, there exists things like DeXes with thier slippages and x*y=k which is too complicated for many to understand. But there, you have a good control over your money.

But, if you want to make things simplify, there exists platforms like celcius, CeXes, voyager etc. They make your experience excellent. You give them money, and get APR. but again, you lose the control over money.


Crypto, for its mass adoption, needs a good balance between simplicity and control over money.

1. You can’t expect masses to convert their ERC20 tokens to get wrapped and bridge between two blockchains and shit. Nobody wants to do that. That’s mostly for nerds and developers.
2. you can’t expect to give your entire control of money to someone. That’s traiditional banking.

So, this dilemma.


The only time I have seriously used DeFi was to buy moons on sushiswap and it was quite easy


Personally I don’t find the UX that hard to use as OP mentioned.. I mean sure it is if you want to take a flash loan from curve, than trade futures on a dex, and most other advanced stuff, othr than that, CEXs in general and well-known DEXs like SushiSwap, etc are pretty easy and straightforward to use.


I think Coinbase app is very user friendly, and Binance Lite as well.

tavycrypto88 is not bad either. Seems very easy to use for a dApp.

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