Current financial system explained

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The current financial system is a complex network of institutions, markets, and regulations that facilitate the transfer of money and other financial assets. It includes banks, credit unions, stock exchanges, insurance companies, and other financial institutions that provide services such as lending, investing, and managing money. Governments also play a role in the financial system by setting regulations and providing oversight. The system is designed to ensure that money and other financial assets are transferred safely and efficiently between individuals, businesses, and governments. It also helps to create economic stability by providing a reliable source of capital for businesses and individuals.

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I mean they did owe each other $20 so it would end the same if they all gave each other $20…no one has more or less than when they started…




This makes so much sense that it’s mind blowing 🤯


🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 omg this sums up our economy perfectly.

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