CZ isn’t your friend nor should he be considered “trustworthy” because he runs Binance and this sub needs to stop acting like he is.

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Trusting someone like CZ with your funds is plain absurdity, I’m sure he is manipulating his exchanges to make as much money as possible.

At the end it’s all about money to them, they will sell your organs if it makes them profit.


No one here has ever said that CZ is our friend. OP is strawmaning here.


I wouldn’t trust him or any billionaire for that matter. They’re not our friends, they want to make money that’s it. Hopefully they don’t screw us over in the process but that’s usually what ends up happening.


I don’t even trust myself let alone CZ


I think this sub in general doesn’t like CZ….but majority know that unfortunately it’s the only way for majority of ppl to get crypto.


Why stop pretending?

We pretend everyone in this sub is our friend and you know just about all of them would use you as exit liquidity if the chance arose.



Scam artist

It will crumble


You don’t need the trust of a CEX figurehead, you just need self custody.


CZ is about as trustworthy as a used car salesman.


My trust issues go back to when Tracy O’Donnell dumped me at prom night.

I also remember when SBF and Mashinsky were praised in mainstream media and such. I don’t trust any CEO/billionaire whatever. People, get your coins into a cold wallet.


Lets not pretend any other CEOs of exchanges are our friends either, they are only looking for their interest which of course makes sense.


I’m only friends with social media influencers


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind he’s a sleazy rat. He used to brag about teaching SBF everything he owns and give him money to start his operation.


People used to say Steve is our friend he tweets back at us. Referring to Steve from Voyager. How that changed.


i don’t need him to be my buddy – not fcking around with my assets that are on binance and decent functionality, which is already there, is all i need


I don’t trust CZ. The only thing I care about is for binance not to collapse because I know the negative impact it will have on the Crypto market.
Don’t leave your Crypto on any exchange


Dudes sketchy as hell. Surprised anyone would consider him trustworthy.


I don’t trust my own shadow xD sorry


I feel like trusting anyone is very much against the whole spirit of bitcoin.

I am my own bank, I trust no one with my moneys.


Well I am sure that 99% here do not trust him


The irony here is it’s crypto and we’re not supposed to trust anyone.


Wanna know who’s not my friend and who I really have no respect for??

People who tell me what to think of others.


Wait who actually thinks he’s trustworthy?


I trust CZ as far as I can throw him


Like most people on this sub, I don’t trust any large centralized entities with my funds. But if you want to keep your funds on CEXs, you have to understand the risks and be ready to accept the fact that you might lose it.

Self-custody is a blessing given to us by crypto.


Wrong CZ runs cryptocurrency outside of bitcoin


Agree, Cuz! 🫡


Hey that comment in the title was a reply to my question! And I basically said the same don’t trust him 🤣


Love-hate with CZ. He runs a massive exchange that has competitive rates, but I also feel he manipulates the market both socially and with his influence and power via the volumes of his exchange.


Your money, your assets, you can do absolutely anything you want with them, however, trusting a cex is worse than trusting a bank. The excuse of DEX being complex as to why cex are preferred trading platforms are beginning to disappear thanks to more simplified [DEX]( solutions.

Trusting a cex with your funds defeats the number 1 purpose of cryptocurrency/blockchain which is decentralization.


This dude is the richest man in crypto, and he made all that money trading against their users.


CZ would sell your body and soul if it meant BNB went up 1%


I read somewhere that Binance CZ does not want to work with a SEC audit or something similar. And also alot of his executives are leaving.


#Just leaving this here:

End of discussion. Binance is as shady as it gets. Whoever trusts them should rather spend the money on a good therapist then losing it all in the inevitable downfall.


If you were alive in the last years and still trust ANYONE else but yourself than that’s on you.

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