Daily General Discussion – May 27, 2023 (GMT+0)

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Good morning all, hope you all have a good weekend


Nice sunny evening. Charts are, um, charting. FIAT mining is done. I have a roof over my head and enough food, water and love. Count what you have, not what you want. Hope your life is good.


Unicorn and Plunger rabbids are selling at 110€ and 8€ respectively on OpenSea. Not to bad for free skins. If you were quick to claim them it’s like Reddit give free money to users who stay on reddit all the time


Are the new ccip governance polls out yet?


Altman’s WorldCoin, which runs on its own custom Ethereum-based Rollup, raises $115 million, and plans to migrate to Optimism, which is one of the largest Rollup initiatives:



Where can I sell my moons?


How many days are we in this winter?


reminder: if you need gas to tip moons, you can use the !gas nova command to receive a few drops of gas from the faucet


Happy Saturday everyone! Wishing all of us to have full of gains! Have a great day😀


I almost got scammed yesterday.

I clicked an ad on the front page of this sub. The ad said I may be eligible for the Arb 2.0 airdrop (what do I know).

I’m normally careful but this link took me to a very convincing website identical to the real one with a timer that was running out in a day.

Too good to be true? Yes. So I searched for the real Arb website and saw a completely identical website with the only exception that it said Arb and not Arb 2.0 and the timer showed over a hundred days left to claim.

Just wanted to share this as a reminder that even ads promoted here on CC can lead to a malicious site.


Good to start the day with a nice steamy cup of covfefe.


Our successes are built upon the guidance, support, and sacrifice of our loved ones. Without them, we could not have come so far.

Do you consider your crypto journey a success? Who would you attribute your success to, if so?


Been a while since I saw the Daily being this calm..

How is everybody doing?


Have a good weekend everyone!


Most mentions on r/cc (2023-05-26):


[Data source and app](https://www.redditcoins.app/)


Investing in crypto is like being a detective trying to solve a mystery, except the mystery is -why the fuck is my portfolio down 70%?-


Morning all.
What’s up with this ENS second airdrop posts?


FINALLY it’s my dca day. Going to savour this, buy and move to my wallet slowly


Good morning from Spain everyone! Hope you have an amazing weekend, no headaches, no Karens encounters, nothing but green crypto.


What shall today’s adventurous buy be?


Anyone have any ideas on how Succession will end? Juts worried I’m overexposed with my investment in Waystar Royco.


Bear markets are so boring, I miss those 100percent gains days.


Do you guys use reddit on your phone or computer more? I’m phone 100%


Can somebody advise me on how to claim the rabbid avatars please?! I can’t find them at all


Never pee against the wind direction. Best tip I can give you guys today..


That Ben thing being removed from uniswap and dropping a ~50% in a few days with a listing in the middle. Always entertaining to see from the barrier how some degens get burned


u/vbuterin, Could you elaborate more on your thoughts on protocols like Layer 2’s and re-staking protocols like Eigenlayer, which both import security from Ethereum?


Do you like the fact that crypto is still a bit the wild west of finance or do you think a further regulated market will be better?




Does anybody know why ARPA pump this much?


What coin are we shilling these days?


Only 340 comments since start of the daily. Where are all my internet friends??


Waking up to realise matic hasn’t reached $1 yet , come on do it matic !


Can someone tell me why Snek on Cardano is pumping? It doesn’t make sense trading volume is only 3mil but market cap is 40mil.


That crazy Pepe coin is crabbing +- zero since days. Back in memecoin times that meaned soon a x10 in the last bullrun. I feel bad, but I bought some of it.though I m convinced, that will not happen now…


Whats the plan this summer?


**Crypto Market Insight 27 May**

– Dogecoin Surpasses Ethereum in Transaction Count, Showcasing its Blockchain Potential with Lower Fees.

– US Core #PCE Inflation Surges to 4.7% in April.

– Binance gets approval to operate in Thailand.

– Yearn DeFi Hacker Uses Tornado Cash to Launder Stolen $11.6M.

– South Korea passed a bill to make politicians and senior officials declare Bitcoin and crypto holdings

– Germany has officially entered recession and Deutsche Bank under pressure.


Who gives out the flairs? because I’ve been tin for over a year and I think I deserve to go up to platinum 😢


Love the raving rabbid collab


Last comment was 1/2 an hr ago.

I feel lonely here:⁠-⁠(


Enjoy the long weekend people.

On plus note. We getting greenish.


Hypothetical: Every r/cryptocurrency user buys Bitcoin and Ethereum at the same time. Is this bullish or bearish for crypto ?


I feel like I’m gonna wait forever for eth to go sub 1800 so I can buy it


Waking up, seeing only 6 out of top 100 coins in red. This extra long weekend is going to be good!

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