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In 30 years when I’m retired, to move to a country where bitcoin is legal tender and buy food and shelter with it.


I will never sell. BTC is the scarcest asset ever know to mankind. Why would I ever dump it? I also don’t want to pay capital gain taxes. Once it’s volatility levels out and it’s worth at least $1 million per coin, I’ll simply borrow against it to fund whatever I need in fiat. I’ll pay the interest in that loan only, then roll it over multiple times. There are safe methods to post BTC as collateral for a loan, while ensuring your BTC isn’t rehypothecated. Smart and wealthy people never sell assets.


Bro, buying bitcoin IS the “DCA exit” you’re looking for.


Sell bitcoin, the scarcest asset in human history , back to the fckg printed Fiat money to take fiat profits? Are you kidding me?


When my bitcoin is valuable enough to buy me 400 acres in the Appalachian mountains so that I never have to see another human being for the rest of my life, then I’ll sell it. And still, I’d never sell all of it. Until then, it’s staying safe in my cold wallet.


What’s an exit strategy?


What is this sell word you speak of?


What will you exchange your bitcoin for?

For a weaker money? Like Php?

I’d much rather stay in the harder money -Bitcoin.


Bitcoin is the “DCA exit”


Whenever I have enough to retire.


Never sell, eventually spend… hopefully.


asking the wrong retarded group buddy!!! this idiots will die homeless hodling their btc!!!


I’ll start DCA out when it hits 60k. And DCA back in when we’re in bear market again.


What do you mean sell?? 🤨


What? Sell?
That’s like asking when I will trade a diamond for a pile of dogshit.
When fiat cannot be inflated and is decentralized and not fiat.


if youre thinking about selling your bitcoin, you need to study more.


I plan on selling 10% of my stack once BTC hits 40k and then 10% every 10k gain till we reach 100k. I will let the last 30% or so of my stack ride till we start going down after the blow off top.

I will use my profits from selling to buy alts. And sell those at whatever price target I think is realistic for that alt.



It’s my strategy.


Hypothetically I would sell some percentage of what I was holding every year.

DCA out would be selling for example $100 year, that would not be ideal since it means more when the investment is down and less when it’s up.

Instead I would sell for example 1% of holdings per year, meaning more revenue when the price is up, less revenue when the price is down, but it’s 100% predictable how long it will last.

Realistically I would only sell to cover the expenses I needed, but if I had to commit to selling it all over the next 100 years I just sell 1% per year. If there is no time limit I just sell 1% of what I start the year with, then it will never run out, just halve every 69 years.




I think you should just “sell” right now. Wait to acquire Bitcoin until you understand it. Once you understand it, you won’t be asking questions like this.


Buy 6mo before halving and sell 18mo after halving. I plan to sell everything in Oct 2025


just DCA sell but with 2x the amount


Strategy? DCA. This goes for in, and for out. When bitcoin is below a certain % of my total investment portfolio, I buy some more bitcoin. If it is above that percentage, as defined by me in my investment risk profile, I sell some to buy other assets.


Sell when Bitcoin hits the PI Cycle Top…just google it!


ITT: people who think scarcity alone makes something valuable and therefore bitcoin is guaranteed to go to $1M and be accepted as a currency worldwide in 30 years.

OP, a good time to sell is at the peak of a hype cycle. If it spikes to a new ATH that’s 2x higher than the previous, that’s a good time to sell at least half because you know it’s going to come back down. I personally will sell around the $70k-$80k mark if it’s a fast spike over the course of a few months. Then buy back in when it crashes to $40k or so. It’s the circle of hype.


sell? i thought we all hodl till death


Sell only for unforeseen expenses.


I will never sell. A lot of people will sell in the next bull run then get priced out. The so called Diamond Hands will sell when BTC gets to a Million. I will never sell and borrow against it when BlackRock or some other company finally makes it legit


Never plan on selling for fiat. Ever.


Lol, he said sell.

I buy every hour and I have no plans to sell. I’ll sell if I need cash or want to buy something big. Hoping I never have to do that and can just divide up my bitcoin for my kids later.


The wealthy never sell their assets, they just borrow against them.

A lot of maxis aren’t going to like this but once the ETFs are approved, you can exchange your BTC (chose a fraction you are comfortable subjecting to counter party risk) for shares in the ETF and borrow against those shares at close to fed funds rate in any brokerage account. The infrastructure is already there so you’ll be able to get liquidity in a few days.

The rates at Unchained are pretty close to any unsecured loan you can get through sofi etc. Products for borrowing against actual BTC where you hold one of the keys probably won’t come for a decade or so while the industry catches up. More offering will only make bitcoin more valuable…


You never sell your assets, you borrow against them.


One does not sell their Bitcoin, one finds ways to acquire more. Bitcoin is the exit strategy


Sell? Sell your stuff to buy more?


The strategy is to not sell.


Not gonna sell. I plan to spend it on some things that I want during the next bull cycle, but if people are asking for dollars instead, it’s too early.


DCA is my inflation beating saving strategy. Given fiat degrades at 2-now ~10% a year, while BTC has averaged 5 figure growth YOY even to now in a bear market, makes more sense to hold at least a portion of my value in it rather than fiat with its 5% growth in a good/bad year


Ask yourself, when is the best time to sell USD for Pesos? The answer is never.

Bitcoin is not a scam to dump on others like crypto. It is simply the best money ever created/discovered. Here is how to know when to “sell”.

[Explained by Matt](https://youtu.be/1ugK2waqCqM?si=qzaAIpPfJBJ9BB7N)


Sell? Exit? dafuq are you talking about?


Just take out your initial investment when you’re up a high margin, and then again when you need the money to pay for a life-changing event (down payment on a house, medical emergency etc.) Aside from that, just hold it.




Always sell at a loss

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