DeepMind’s cofounder: Generative AI is just a phase. What’s next is interactive AI.

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This whole article is just an ad for this guy’s ChatGPT competitor we’ve never heard of, Pi. When he was at DeepMind, the company got in trouble for data handling regulations.

The “interactions” he’s talking about sound exactly like API calls through ChatGPT or Zapier lol. Like, we already have this now, it’s not some massive innovation far in the horizon.


Translation: “People are starting to realize this stuff isn’t really intelligent, it isn’t the future, it’s just a fun new tool with no broader implications. We still need loads of investor money though, so we’re already pivoting to selling a fantasy of a tech that comes next, even though we have fuck all to show for it.”


Then next after that, Rise of the Machines. (I for one welcome our new cyber-overlords and will not make trouble, since they’re listening.)


My use of it has dwindled to asking it to improve a sentence I’ve written. The whole thing reminds me of echo devices with everyone sitting around it asking it questions to see if the responses would be correct. How were people so easily convinced this was new?


Whats next?

digital friends you have to pay for. Gacha folks are gonna all be broke from their waifus asking for more money.


just make AI less expensive to compute would be a trend


Online regulations do not apply to an open-source air-gapped local AI, which is where this is all really going anyway.

I’m building LCARS and nothing is going to stop me.

Next step is interactive AI, then training a model on every episode of Star Trek: TNG where the computer speaks until it sounds like the original actress.

How is anybody going to know if I’ve done this short of using a power bill to get a warrant?

Basing AI Regulations on Internet Regulations is going to be mostly ineffective and won’t stop legitimate bad actors (or people like me with less nefarious use cases) as they won’t necessarily be doing so on the internet.

Edit: I’m now designing LCARS with the help of ChatGPT.


Better teach it to think first


Interactive AI? Like Siri or Hello Google?




pretty much an upgraded google.


Sounds like they hit the advancement wall already if the best they have is Siri 2.0 using a bunch of other programs for you.


The issue remains: releasing a product capable of great harm to the public without any concern for what it will do. “Job loss is progress and anyone who disagrees is living in the past” is the highly detailed position these folks take. I wonder if anyone will consider in the next wave that a) we don’t have to accept things just because there’s money behind them and b) it doesn’t have to be good at what it does to ruin things that didn’t need to be messed with.


I disagree. Generative AI is not just a phase. It will be around and but will disappear into background so people won’t notice it.

All future computing platforms used for production and consumption of visual entertainment media will carry it. Workflows to produce and distribute entertainment content will incorporate generative AI to various extents. All those engaged in production will learn to use it.

Perhaps a more accurate statement would be ‘Generative AI is in its novelty/hype phase, and this will pass as it becomes prevalent and accepted.’


AI tools with agency to operate autonomously are certainly part of the future, but I see no reason why generative AI is a passing phase. That does not make sense.


Interactive AI could really change things. Imagine interacting with an AI gf😂


Sex robots?


Awesome. That was my major.

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