ELI5 Why is accessing a .onion site with Tor considered more secure than accessing a ‘normal’ site with Tor?

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Because the connection to the hidden service does not leave the Tor network, so it eliminates any concern regarding malicious exit-nodes.


Because it never leaves the Tor network, it means you’re automatically guaranteed TLS e2ee regardless of certificate. It also means that it is almost impossible to take down ProPublica or censor it(at least by traditional means) because it’ll be extremely difficult to locate their web host and because onions are treated quite similarly to Tor users by their entry nodes rather than websites. Its also nice because if your exit node is located in a country or uses an ISP that censors ProPublica, well that’s tough. But with onions that doesn’t really happen because DNS works differently with Tor, they use a distributed hash table rather than querying centralised DNS authorities. Like the other user mentioned, its also much more difficult to mitm those connections between you and an onion.


6 encrypted hops only through the TOR network


All traffic between Tor users and onion services is end-to-end encrypted.


Three more hops.

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