Elon Musk’s Twitter Blue is breaking European rules about unfair business practices by failing to show its full cost to consumers right away, EU agency says

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Elon fired all of Twitter’s product managers saying they aren’t essential. Yet an oversight like this is exactly why product managers exist: ensuring products and features meet all requirements, which includes local and legal standards.

The one lawyer left at Twitter isn’t working proactively, I guarantee it.


How come when a company has unfair business practices, you only hear the European Union complain and no one else?


Must be nice to have a government that *actually bothers to do something* to protect its citizens from predatory business practices.


The EU is unironically my favorite US regulatory body.


weird I thought he was so smart and savvy and knew everything


I’m curious as to how Twitter Blue is doing, as the core inherent benefit is to pretend to be of significance and fake social value.

It’s thus interesting because as a product it’s by definition a NEGATIVE to the user as you’re advertising that you CARE about clout but also that you have none. You automatically lose respect by having it.

Fortunately I’ve not followed anyone who has had the embarrassment of paying, but what a strange product.


Thanks for sharing! [More from the article](https://www.businessinsider.com/elon-musk-twitter-blue-breaking-rules-unfair-business-practices-eu-2023-3?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=insider-technology-sub-comment):

*Elon Musk’s Twitter Blue subscription is breaking European Union rules about unfair business practices, a consumer watchdog in the bloc told Insider.*

*Specifically, the advertised subscription prices don’t factor in taxes, which violates consumer-protection laws in the 27-country union, a spokesperson for the watchdog said.*

*Twitter Blue is one of Musk’s flagship projects designed to make the social-media company profitable. It was rolled out to EU countries in February and March.*

*In EU countries that use the euro currency, Twitter Blue has an advertised monthly price of 8 euros, or about $8.50, for the web app — a little more than the $8 price in the US. The advertised annual price for most EU users is 84 euros, or about $88.50, versus $84 in the US.*


Incoherent rant incoming via terrible meme.


I can’t believe anyone would actually pay for this, it’s even more stupid than those Reddit coins.


If you pay for twitter blue or use it at all, you deserve anything and everything to go wrong.


I so love that about Europe, price transparency. We take price obfuscation as a given, much to the puzzlement of visitors to the country.


Who would pay to use a site that keeps breaking?


And I assume Elons response was something like: “LOL this is an American company so europes woke rules don’t apply.” Or something equally stupid


Move fast, break things, and lose $45 billion.



Why anyone with half a brain cell is still using twitter is beyond me. Let it burn and him with it.


Twitter doesn’t even operate properly anymore. I mean ffs I see people/bots on my feed that I am not even following etc.


I’m just waiting for either Twitter to be banned in Europe or for Musk to pullout.


Canada should have this law too. Really annoying how everything has this secret creep price. First they hit you with the psychological warfare on the price itself that makes every digit a 9 in order to make the first digit feel one digit cheaper, then they hone out your rectum with the taxes. Just show the cost. You aren’t a magician.


I wish someone would teleport elon to Mars so I never have to hear about this dipshit again.


I will never understand why slow rolling through a stop sign will get the police up in your face trying to escalate the interaction into an arrest…but breaking entire continent’s business laws just get articles written about you.


I was okay with not hearing about Elon and his Twitter bullshit for a while.


The Muskrat is a lying rodent…


Does the EU not know that Elmo is very rich so the rules don’t apply here?


* MOST consumers use Twitter for free
* business, politicians, celebrities pay for Twitter blue


Is Twitter still a thing?


C’mon EU do your thing! Sue the shit out of this feudalist prick

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