Europeans want decisive action against disinformation on the internet

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Letting governments be the arbitrators of truth always works out. People in power only use government authority for good, they are always right, and always work in the best interests of ALL the people and not themselves or just their party.

I don’t feel the need to /s that, but it’s Reddit so…



Who decides what is disinformation, the government? They’d love that.


People in the EU want more to be done in the fight against the deliberate spreading of untrue and fake content on the Internet. Overall, 85 percent of the EU’s citizens feel that policymakers should do more to prevent the spread of disinformation, while 89 percent say that the operators of social media platforms should take more action as well. The desire for a greater response goes hand in hand with a clear recognition of the problem among people living in the EU. Those are the findings from a new study by our Upgrade Democracy project. According to the study, more than one in two respondents (54 percent) are often or very often unsure whether the information they find on the Internet is true, while 39 percent say they are aware of having encountered disinformation.


Absolutely foolish to try and let any governing body determine what is and is not true. Everything in science and medicine has changed so drastically over the last 200 years, things people were cast out of society for saying were proven to be true – based on our current understanding. There is a reason that Americas 1st Amendment is Freedom of Speech – to foster discussion – not condemnation and denial of ideals – and yes I know this os talking about Europeans, but – whatever.


You people are crazy. This would never happen in the US thankfully. Let’s fight disinformation with education like we should instead.


Because the US congress won’t do shit.


It’s too late. There’s literally Russian propaganda and WEF/VACCINE/SOROS and other licking far right fascists behind bs everywhere.

They let it take hold again even when the enduring promise was to never let it take root again.

All the “conspiracies” these people spread have 1 goal. It’s to terrorize and eventually genocide entire groups of people based on an us Vs them mentality that’s had us Europeans (and evidently Americans of European descent sadly) in its grip for so long.


The majority of people are probably against misinformation, but they probably all disagree on what is misinformation.

I don’t know much (anything) about EU politics, but in the USA, what is considered disinformation would change radically with almost every election.

Just imagine a subject you support, that an opposed political party does not. Now imagine that said opposing party gains power and your subject is declared as misinformation.


89% of people want opinions they disagree with gone.


Aaaaahhh censorship. It wouldn’t taste like our good old europe without it.


No we don’t.


No we don’t.


They will have to do it themselves then because the US only cares about money, not about the greater good, Russia is the leader of the fake information, and China doesn’t care because they censor everything from their own citizens.

Source: I’m American and watching the news is just an exercise in futility at this point.


Reading the comments on here is super interesting, lots of people are jumping to the conclusion that this would promote something like “state backed information/propaganda”.

I understand this fear, but let me dispel something for you Americans: our media is a cooperation that does not care about truth or lies. Only viewership and profit margins. They are already that which you are afraid of, but their only fealty is to the dollar. And that’s a problem in itself.

Secondly: our media system is highly specialized, we have no independent media whatsoever. Hell, half the voting population of America doesn’t know what podcast is, and can’t access the internet outside of Facebook, let alone find an alternative news outlet. There are good independent reporters out there, they just command no audience because the people that go out of their way to seek it are so few. Our problems would be greatly alleviated if Americans had a larger source of media to partake in, but that will never happen because it’s not profitable, short of government intervention. If there was a government program that broke up media monopolies and incentivized smaller outlets, things would change.


Nice in theory, but you for sure do not want governments determining what is “true” and who gets censored.


Absolutely, especially Chinese and Russian lies


The issue may not be totally the identification and labeling of misinformation, for two reasons.

One, is that identification/labeling presumes the public has the ability distinguish or even care whether information is legitimate or not. The article even says the more educated or modernly educated do better at recognizing and considering misinformation. This points to the need to deliberately promote critical thinking in the educational system, not just allowing it to be a byproduct of general education.

Two, is that the issue is not so much the content of social media but the design of the social media platform. Recent research has shown that even if misinformation is identified and even removed from a platform, it continues to persist and propagate due to fundamental design of the platform in guiding users to topics of common interest whether within the platform or outside of it.

See …

We used to have a term for unreliable news sources … *yellow journalism*. Now we have *yellow* social media. Social media companies need to address this side of the misinformation issue through redesign and engineering their platforms to promote responsible content, particularly where it come from disreputable sources.


… not just in the EU… disinformation is literally tearing the US apart…


I think the WHOLE world wants decisive action against the few wankers that think it is OK to lie, not just on the internet, but ANYWHERE. Social media, Boris and Trump have done immeasurable damage, the world has moved to massive BS everywhere becoming the norm.


Knowing most of these people are on the left I can’t wait to see them scream when Victor Orban starts doing what they asked for


Good luck with that! 😂


We need this in the US!


Americans will fight to the death for the right to read lies!


That would put fuckerberg and elund in a loss bro.


Yeah, I bet they do… nothing like Europeans demanding complete control over thought and speech eh?


It’s interesting to see that the threads for this topic here and elsewhere on the internet are being hit hard by the disinformationists saying “no, we want disinformation” and going right into saying they don’t trust governments.

It’s really interesting.


Just because something doesn’t fit your world view, make it a dis information. If you ask politicians to monitor and police flow of information, then you are setting up a trap for yourself. All is needed is education and those 85% who are asking for these changes, should educate others. Relying on your government to spoon feed you information is not going to end well.


Put the crooks spreading misinformation behind bars for good measure, they will all of course claim they didnt know.

The americans who wilkl start crying now and state first ammendment, yeah right, fuck right off with that, look whaT you got from that, fox news brainwashed half your country and the channel says its satire, not news.

Dont stop there, give massive fines to youtube and the usual suspects who sell collodial silver, advise people to drink their own urine to get rid of cancer and such.

People say the ability to tell the scams apart and analytical thinking are more important, theyre important, but it doesnt work, some smart and educated people will have a knowledge hole or a bad time and get caught. I know a freaking electrical engineer who is telling me outright the earth is flat and satelite pictures are fake because he cant see the planes on them as well as space pics must be fake because theres no stars in the background.

I really , really dont wanna deal with my kids or my kids friends falling for this BS, I have witnessed many people who took years to recover or are still in limbo.

Omagine your kid loses a coupüle years during the best educative years due to these little snake oil salesmen.

My government is free to go as hard as possible about any of them, including the platforms and whoever gives them a way to propagate their rubbish.

They can be used for comedy or satire classes as far I am concerned.


**”Europeans want decisive action against freedom of speech on the internet”**

There I fixed it for you.

And soon, I just feel people is totally fine with being censored by govs. We deserve what we have.


Look at all the outrageous overreactions here. It’s pitiful. The Sheeple LIKE their conspiracies and lies. The Sheeple prefer Q and MAGA and 9/11 truther conspiracies and pedophile satanists and alien visitations to the boring mundane realities of truth. So much so that the simple notion that we need to do something as a culture to avoid the rampant spread of bullshit that the internet has made so profitable for so many snake oil sellers is seen as the REAL problem. Pretty damning to see that so many of these morons are afraid of any movement to minimize the spread of disinformation but they believe every diarrhetic trickle that drips from Trumps mouth even when he WAS the government? When I first learned of Plato’s allegory of the cave I did not realize the unknowing could be so aggressively even dangerously numbed by their falsities that they endanger our very future. This is existential and anyone that does not see it as existential has their head in the cave. America had a fairness doctrine in place that seemed to work back in those very days that the great unknowing seem to so romanticize as “great”. So why are they afraid of it now…


I don’t. It’s up to the reader to inform himself properly. Censorship is never the right choice of action. Who decides what is and isn’t disinformation? C’mon.


Pretty easy solution: ban American IP addresses. There’s a million grifters on Facebook/YouTube like Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk. Also Fox Fews


Well tik tok is dead then here and YouTube too lmao


This is the inevitable result of the internet being world wide.

I suspect we will always have a world wide web, but I predict countries will shift to regional internets, if for no other reason to stop things like….Russian bot farms influencing regionalnelections in Kansas.

When the cons of connectivity with a country outweighs the pros, remove them from the network. B


The only thing I want is for my fellow peers to not be that stupid.


European who spread such classic misinformation as Hong Kong Peaceful protest, Uyghur Genocide wants action against misinformation rofl


**No, they do not.**

The people in positions of power (politicians etc.) want more powers to censor things they perceive could limit their own powers.


And this is why euro skepticism is a thing.


the legacy media industry understands fully knows copyright monopoly enforcement in the digital age demands a police state of complete censorship and control (it’s all just 0s and 1s in the end, they’re trying to stop everyone on earth telling eachother some binary numbers), so of course a fucking bertelsmann think tank is trying to build support for the EU’s heinous mass surveillance and censorship proposals. Scum.

Copyright and freedom are incompatible.


And still no government issued ID can be used easily online to confirm identity

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