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Okay like you’re 5? The biiiig banks where they keep people’s money were naughty, they used people’s money that did not belong to them to gamble, think of it like trying to win something at the arcade or at a carnival but with money you stole from a friend.

Then the federal reserve which is the printer company that makes all the money we use decided to also use money that does not belong to them to give to the bank because the bank lost their money at the carnival and didn’t win a prize but they get to keep their money.

Cryptos like BTC are seen as risky or scary stuff to buy with money, but now that everyone has seen that the bank can play for free at the carnival everyone else wants a turn too.


Basically we pump because it’s 2020 again. The FED is printing money again, people think interest rates will start to go down soon, banks are gonna be rescued if they fuck up so people don’t expect a banking crisis. So with all this we have an excedent of money again and people is putting it in risky assets hoping that they will moon. Just DCA and play the long game, don’t FOMO


BTC was made in 2008 when exactly these things we’re seeing now have happened.

Whenever big banks fail… government “solves” the issue by printing more money.. causing even more inflation. The problem never gets solved.. only gets pushed aside and grows.

BTC can’t be printed out of thin air.

The current pump is simply because BTC was made exactly for this… to prevent government fucking us in the ass for their own mistakes every single time


People are buying price goes up


Busd, banks shutting down, more and more politicians showing every day how crypto is the answer by being corrupt and terrible leaders.


Price is increasing because 1 week ago r/cc was warning us about a “big dump” incoming because youtubers are telling them of a big “recession and price keep increasing now because r/cc memeberz yesterday were warning everyone of a “dump soon” and price will keep increasing because the sentiments of r/cc now is “why are things pumping omg.”


Because the is no counterparty risk in a public decentralised ledger.
That and fiat money is an instrument to steal people’s work by the means of inflation.


Reading the Bitcoin White Paper answers all your questions. Don’t read it as a five year old though.


Lots of people are buying


Bitcoin looks a lot safer than most banks


I don’t trust banks even more now and esp the govt


Isn’t it because the FED released/printed $300b back into the financial system?

Effectively quantitative easing again.


Three banks shutting down might be a good reason for that.


I’d tell you but you wouldn’t believe it


Ok I will explain when more people buy than people sell price go up


To put i really simple:

There are more people buying btc than selling btc. That is why price is increasing.

Why is this:

I believe people are compairing it to 2008 and want to prepare for an economic crisis like the one of 2008.


People are now realizing that the corrupt banks were stealing their money, and are moving their assets to something where they can be their own bank


More people buying then selling.


The timing was perfect.

Big banks collapsed means people need another sector to put their money on, the “easiest” one is crypto. As for the timing, BTC at that time was at 19k – 22k range and is on crab market which means going sideways. Not to mention there were a lot of attacks and fud on crypto lately but then a reverse uno card was activated, the attacks are now for the banks and government. And the media as always putting gas on the fire.

While the government is digging a graveyard, people are looking for another location to put their money upon. As for the safe part, the recent events has validated that banks are not safe.


Why do I suffer from it if im in the other corner of the world? im so tired of this Fed and Powell and Central Bank and the Us screwing everyone . No one even knows who they are in my parts of the jungle




We don’t know shit about fuck


Gotta put the fiat somewhere…. So Btc or gold


It’s a jump for collateral


I am by no means a crypto expert but my guess is the source of the banking crisis. The SVB debacle has those invested primarily in the tech realm scrambling. A large portion of which likely know crypto much more than I do. It is my belief that many saw the opportunity to quickly transfer their funds from a potentially vulnerable banking infrastructure into a more decentralized asset holding structure being crypto while they wait out the fiat shit storm that is the banking incidents.

Again, I am just a smooth brain bald monkey, do not take my uneducated opinions as gospel or even as remotely correct.


I think it is that when money gets less and less worth because of bank bankrupts, people want to either spent it for something nice before it is too late or try to save it somewhere else and crypto nowadays seem the savest way to do so.


some moth in a jungle somewhere flapped its wings in a crazy style and here we now are




Cryptocurrency does it’s own thing


BTC is a wild card and does what it wants


Not sure about the influence of collapsing banks, but whenever the majority keeps shouting that the price will go down, but in reality it doesn’t go down anymore for an extended period of time, there’s a point the reverse happens.


Get it out of failing banks and store your wealth yourself


Fed hiking interest rate —> current government bonds becoming attractive investment asset —> money flowing out from other assets into government bonds

Banking collapses —> ppl guessing that rate hike will be slowing and stopping and even reversing in the near future —> government bonds will soon not be so attractive —> better buy crypto while it’s cheap now before the rest fomo in

Ppl are gambling on a Fed pivot. It’s a 24/7 casino.


im truly the simplest terms, money printer go brrr again




I didn’t realise there had been a price increase, friends and family only ever contact me about crypto when it drops….


Printed money for the banks as a signal not to panic


For all we know it’s a coincidence


The fed gave $143 billion to SVB and signature bank to pay their uninsured depositors. The rest of the money we t to undisclosed banks to raise cash. This is not the cause of crypto to inflate rapidly over the last 5 days. However, the USDC stablecoin depeg failure caused bad market sentiment and investors moved into BTC (speculation).

The least talked about mover is Binance converting $1 billion BUSD to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB.

All of this combined is driving prices in rapid succession. With the global economy still looking terrible and no real positive indicators we are out of this “recession”, this is merely prices pumping due to manipulation and retail FOMO trying to catch the wave.

Now isn’t the time to buy but rather sell, wait until the price(s) drop, because they will, and use profits to gain higher shares.


I sold

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