Facebook’s VR Headset Not Selling, Literally Giving It Away

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“Literally giving it away”


Still $1000 US.


Nobody is gonna buy that while the quest 2 exists.


It was $1500. Even at $1000 it is simply too expensive for most people when they could get a Quest 2 for $300-$400.


Hey if they’re giving it away I’ll take one.


Fine, I’ll take one if they give me $50.


It’s really a very niche thing. According to this [poll](https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2023/04/04/american-teens-not-into-virtual-reality-only-4percent-use-it-daily-.html) 30% of teens own virtual reality devices but only 4% use them daily. Basically, got them for Christmas and put them in the closet. And this is teens who should be driving the market.


Yo I’ll take one. Could they not be selling because the next one has been announced?


Even as a VR user (I do sim racing online) it’s not surprising VR in general is struggling to grow. The practical use of it outside the niche market just isn’t there. I enjoy it for racing and feeling like I’m in an open wheel car, but I’d (personally) rather play any other game or use any other program on my monitor versus the more lite/on the rails experience options VR seems to offer. Definitely a situation as someone else said – most likely bought as presents and sits on the shelf. Until VR has purposeful use beyond the niche interests we use it for, it’s going to remain a niche product w sparse use by a majority of adopters. Also wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a contingent that purchased it and are disheartened they’re not experiencing Ready Player One levels of immersion 🤷🏻‍♂️


To use my quest 2 I gotta move all the crap to the edge of my office, put in contacts, get the dumb thing to connect to it’s app on PC, then connect to steam, then start a game, then take the headset off and troubleshoot stuff when it crashes or loses connection.

But VR is really really cool, half life alyx, Pavlov, etc, so sometimes it’s worth it.


They bought Oculus and said *” VR is the FUTURE. You will like it, or else…”*.

Turns out this is *”or else”*


I just want one to watch porn on.


They could give me one for free and I still wouldn’t use it.

I will never trust or support this company under any circumstances that I can imagine.


Tech bros overestimate how much people want to put a heavy lens over their heads for hours end.

Even Apple, their headset is straight out of a horrific dystopian movie.


People don’t want to give Facebook/Meta money and support whatever information they’re harvesting with this?



Imagine paying real money for digital real estate in the Metaverse


It is connected to FB, who would want that?


It’s almost as if people don’t trust Facebook. I wonder why


Increasing the price $100 from what it was at launch will do that. I was tempted by one and was waiting for a good sale/bundle or maybe the oculus 3… but when they jacked up the price and announced the new one at $500… you guys used to be the economical solution!


People really fall for clickbait headlines, eh?


For 400$ it was/is a fun experience. For the poor and lonely it’s awesome. You get out of the house and have people to talk to.


Was it Meta that gave it away, or Roblox? Because I’m pretty sure it was Roblox, and did it to encourage devs to make vr games.


Mark Zuckerberg just want to be able to monitor all of our eye movements so he can adjust his code to appear more life-like.


The drugs must be good over at the META HQ. 1. VR is a young person technology ( early adopters tend to be younger. ) 2. Young people don’t like Meta/ Facebook. 3.
VR audience isn’t going to buy a product which is associated with META and needs a FB account log in.


Facebook needs to market these headsets towards people interest in physical fitness. I use my meta 5-6 days a week to workout and it’s unbelievable. Thrill of the fight, les miles combat, and a host of other games are challenging but fun and make me look forward to working out everyday. This should really be the angle they try to sell these machines


So charging $1000 for a headset is “literally giving it away” now? Fuck off


Yeah I would never buy a product that required me to have and use a Facebook account. End of story.

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