Fake Pentagon explosion photo caused a real dip in the stock market — Authorities confirm the suspected AI image is fake


Authorities have confirmed that the photo of a purported Pentagon explosion, which caused a real dip in the stock market, is fake. The image, which was suspected to have been created by artificial intelligence, has been debunked.

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So, I really do think that the best solution to this issue is robust public education, and strong critical thinking skills, but I’m not sure it would work perfectly. It reminds me of that line from Men in Black: “A person is smart, but *people* are dumb, panicky dangerous animals.” We’re just real stupid in large numbers, and there are 8 billion of us and counting.


We are so unprepared for a world with Artificial Intelligence it’s laughable.


S&P 500 fell 30 points within minutes, a selloff of approximately US$500 billion:^1,2

>On Monday, a seemingly AI-generated image of what looked like an explosion outside of the Pentagon circulated on Twitter.

>The Arlington Police Department quickly debunked the image tweeting, “There is NO explosion or incident taking place at or near the Pentagon reservation, and there is no immediate danger or hazards to the public.”

>Even with Arlington PD’s quick response, Twitter’s mess of a verification system compounded the issue.

>One of the accounts that tweeted the image was a verified account impersonating a Bloomberg news feed. That account, called @BloombergFeed, has since been suspended.

>Other accounts that tweeted the image were @DeItaone and the account Russian state-media owned site RT.

>Now that anyone can pay to become verified on Twitter, situations like this are the perfect storm of misinformation.

^1 Cecily Mauran (22 May 2023), “Fake Pentagon explosion photo caused a real dip in the stock market”, https://mashable.com/article/ai-deepfake-image-pentagon-explosion-hoax

^2 Christiaan Hetzner (23 May 2023), “Pentagon attack hoax that triggered brief market selloff illustrates pitfalls of A.I.-driven fake news, warns Deutsche Bank”, https://fortune.com/2023/05/23/twitter-elon-musk-pentagon-attack-deepfake-capital-markets-investors-deutsche-bank/


I feel like bringing AI into the discussion is unnecessary click bait.

While AI may have been used to generate the image, you could also do it in Photoshop or any number of other applications. This is a story about disinformation spreading on social media, not AI in my opinion.


Regulate AI. Allowing profit motive to set its course will be disastrous.


I dunno. Throw the poster’s ass in prison for 20 years. Might deter some.


Hmm on second thought maybe organizing wealth and power in our society around fickle and fabricated beliefs about that wealth and power wasn’t a good idea.


Haven’t seen it. Sounds dumb and quickly verifiable as bullshit.


Reminds me of Jane the Ender series for some reason. Seems like something an AI trust fund manager would do- create market ripples and dips with misinformation at a scale only an AI can disseminate and turn them into gains.


The Pentagon is on the stock market??


When AI takes over, well look back and see how clear the alarm bells were ringing.


Did anyone actually looked at the charts (before drawing conclusions)?

There is no visible anomaly, it’s within the normal volatility.

The price got higher fast, then lower fast, then returned to the mean.
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If we assume [the date of the post it’s 10:11 New York time (UTC-4)](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FwvUJpMWcAgrBo5?format=jpg&name=small) the price actually increased at that time.
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They stock market is a fucking joke

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