Federal hair drug testing guidelines to be published by mid-summer…


As the summer months approach, employers across the country are preparing for the implementation of the new Federal hair drug testing guidelines. These guidelines, which are set to be published by mid-summer, will provide employers with a more comprehensive and reliable way to detect drug use in the workplace.

The new guidelines will require employers to collect a sample of hair from employees in order to test for the presence of drugs. This method of testing is more reliable than traditional urine tests, as it can detect drug use up to 90 days prior to the test. This means that employers will be able to detect drug use that may have occurred outside of the workplace, as well as any drug use that may have occurred while the employee was on the job.

The new guidelines will also provide employers with more flexibility when it comes to drug testing. Employers will be able to choose the type of drug test they want to use, as well as the frequency of testing. This will allow employers to tailor their drug testing policies to the needs of their particular workplace.

The new Federal hair drug testing guidelines are an important step in ensuring a safe and drug-free workplace. By providing employers with a more reliable and comprehensive way to detect drug use, these guidelines will help to protect both employers and employees.


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