Finding company leaks on the Darknet

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within the threat intelligence market, deep and dark web searching is primarily a marketing buzzword. The signal to noise ratio is really low. What they are mostly doing is creating services similar to haveibeenpwned and crawling sites like for mention of the company or any of their domains. The reason threat intelligence platforms have this capability is mostly to appeal to boards and e-staff, since “The Darknet^tm” as a place where all the hackers get together like a sort of virtual thieves guild and plot large attacks is a romantic and compelling narrative; the best way to sell something is to tell a good story.

The closest thing to what you’re looking for is ransomware operators’ walls of shame. Lots of ransomware operators that target large companies don’t just hold files ransom, they also blackmail the companies with the threat that they will release sensitive information. That sensitive information will be on each team’s website. You could also look at credential dumps from past breaches, but that information is available mostly on the clearnet.


It’s called dark web scrapping. Once the data is obtained, it’s just a matter of searching for certain identifiers.

The only issue with this method is finding and accessing whatever dark web service your trying to target.


Probably searching for certain strings of informations or certain keywords.

Like specific emails linked to company accounts that may or may not have been compromised ect ect


I am interested to know this as well which search engine should we use. Duckduck go doesn’t do that much and Torch search engine is full of scammers and scam markets


I’m curious if there is a way to bypass websites with portals that require logging in through tor so that when I access my personal info, (nothing that would comprise my identity on tor anyways) to avoid the third party software portal from tracking each selection I make, how long I spend on each page, if I’ve taken a screenshot, etc…

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