Folding iPad launch next year, says Kuo, ahead of a folding iPhone

Folding iPad launch next year, says Kuo, ahead of a folding iPhone

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These rumors are always nonsense, next iPad and iPhone will likely just be small upgrades as it has always been.


You mean…. like some kind of MacBook-sized touch-enabled OLED display might be indicative of…..?




I call the biggest pile of bullshit ever.

If it costs more for a thick folding iPhone that goes from normal iPhone size to iPad iPhone size, then why would anyone buy that over both a thinner iPhone and iPad mini?

Literally the only reason for this product right now is because it’s “cool” and that limits the market to rich people, which means low production, which kills the margins for Apple.

The displays aren’t there yet and Apple doesn’t make or design the displays.

Unless Apple secretly had some kind of display manufacturing tech they’ve been sinking billions into without anyone realizing, and built a factory with nobody noticing, they’re still limited to the same (worse actually since I’m sure Samsung/LG/Whomever have secret proprietary shit) display tech as the display manufacturers.

Until these folding displays don’t make the phones appreciably thicker than they are now, where you don’t give a second thought to it, and the issue of dirt and grime getting in the crevices is resolved, Apple won’t put a folding device out on the market.

Apple has been moving away from lower volume products for years now. I’d argue it’s one of the core aspects of their adjusted business trajectory since Cook took over.

Apple wants a product that could be manufactured on the same assembly lines with the same frame across various different price points that could be 2x-6x++ in price between configurations.

This is the same reason they haven’t done any AR/VR stuff yet.

The reason Samsung is pushing the foldable shit so hard is to try to brute force it to be a thing so they can ramp up manufacturing and subsidize the cost with orders from other companies.

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