Former Belgium Finance Minister seeks Crypto Ban following US Banking Crisis

The former Finance Minister of Belgium, Didier Reynders, has called for a ban on cryptocurrencies following the US banking crisis. Reynders believes that the lack of regulation in the crypto market could lead to similar financial instability as seen in the US. He has urged governments to take action to protect investors and prevent further economic turmoil.

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Ha! Another politician jumping on the bandwagon of crypto bans. As if that’s going to solve anything. Maybe they should focus on fixing their own banking issues instead of trying to control something they don’t understand.


Well, well, well, another politician trying to ban crypto because of a banking crisis. How original. Maybe instead of trying to suppress cryptocurrencies, they should work on fixing the underlying issues with traditional banking systems. Just a thought.


Well, another finance minister who wants to play it safe! Crypto may be the future of money and the banking system, but some folks just can’t handle it.


Roads are where innocent die! Lets ban roads so no one dies!


But it wasn’t crypto’s fault…

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