FTX creditor list shows airlines, charities and tech firms caught in collapse

FTX creditor list shows airlines, charities and tech firms caught in collapse

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Almost everything out there that had exposure to Crypto unfortunately lost something in the FTX fiasco . The bad thing is they now associate Crypto to the fraud that was executed by SAM the fuckup . These investors should. DYOR before dumping there money for profits . SAM has been a real bad advertisement for Crypto lately . It’ll take time but good things will be associated with it to and required regulations will clean the system if done properly.


“Nassau-based pest control business and a garden center appear on the list.”

The tax offices of multiple U.S. state agencies and the federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS) were listed. Other government entities in Japan, Australia and Hong Kong, among others, are also creditors.


This ran from some of the largest companies in the world to mum and dad shops whilst also including the government and governments that are now prosecuting him. I knew this was bad but fuck me sideways.


I mean, this heightens the chances that he’ll actually get punished right?

If it’s not only retail but also large companies and charities they’ll be able to push for more right?


Vueling, a Spanish low cost company, has recently started accepting crypto.


I was reading the list earlier and I was honestly pretty confused seeing these various companies on the list. I would assume some of them are on there do-to-having accounts but Apple for instance was one that stuck out to me in particular.


tldr; A list of the creditors owed money by the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX has been released, revealing a myriad of companies and government entities wrapped up in its collapse. The list includes airlines, hotels, charities, banks, venture capital firms, media outlets and crypto companies along with US and international government agencies.

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