Gaggle Drops LGBTQ Keywords from Student Surveillance Tool Following Bias Concerns

Gaggle Drops LGBTQ Keywords from Student Surveillance Tool Following Bias Concerns

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When you name your company with the hope it sounds like Google but it instead reminds you of gagging.


Can we just drop Gaggle instead?


Surveillance of students and employees terrifies me. Such a Pandora’s Box of moral and ethical issues


New pink floyd shirt design is looking awesome!


If you are in school, do not use school provided Gchat or MS Teams to communicate.

 the [survey released last summer]( by the Center for Democracy and Technology, however, 78% of teachers reported that digital monitoring tools were used to discipline students. Black and Hispanic students reported being far more likely than white students to get into trouble because of online monitoring.

In October, the White House [cautioned school districts against the “continuous surveillance”]( of students if monitoring tools are likely to trample students’ rights. It also directed the Education Department to issue guidance to districts on the safe use of artificial intelligence.


>Nearly a third of LGBTQ students said they or someone they know experienced nonconsensual disclosure of their sexual orientation or gender identity — often called outing — as a result of digital activity monitoring, according to a national survey released in August by the nonprofit Center for Democracy and Technology.

Fucking disgusting.


dark side of the gay


Gaggle just sounds like Canadian Google


Student Surveillance from the tool? the heck is this.


I mean isn’t the issue the whole surveillance things rather than particular keywords?

“Kinder, gentler big brother promised”


This Gaggle software seems like some massive constitional violations if used in the United States. Spying on student cloud accounts and personal devices… SMH

When I was in high school, I nearly got expelled for writing a politically correct essay.

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